These days, medical equipment technology has been developing at a tremendous speed, mainly due to the introduction of computer technology. At the same time increases the importance of infection control in healthcare facilities to prevent any risks to health. The last couple of decades have witnessed massive changes in the way how patients are diagnosed and treatment provided to patients. Although new gadgets have been introduced in hospitals and other medical facilities, there are however, few essential and common pieces that are still in vogue now and are said to have their origin from the pre-computer times. The top hospitals like Fortis Hospital, Bangalore do ensure having installed the latest, state of the art medical equipment to ensure providing accurate diagnosing of the ailment and treatment furniture.

Top medical equipment that are in use in hospitals

  • Patient monitors: It is regarded to be an essential tool that is maintained within the operating room setting. This device is quite large and records as well as interprets the patient’s vital sign as treatment or medical care is being provided. These monitors alert the nurses and physicians/surgeons about the incoming dangers or changes faced by the patients prior to the symptoms of changes getting physically apparent.
  • Defibrillators: They are undoubtedly the very best tools available to revive patients experiencing cardiac arrests. These equipment are available at almost every hospital room these days, besides first aid kit. Defibrillation experiment is known to have initiated during the late nineteenth century. However, it was only in 1947that this equipment was used first to resuscitate the human being, considered to be Dr. Claude Beck’s 14 year patient.
  • Ultrasound machine: Also known as USG in short, this equipment is quite similar to that of the sonar. It helps to map the interior organs and tissue of the patient’s body and emits high pitched sounds waves which bounce off the internal body structures. Thus, it produces their visual image. The two popular pioneers associated with ultrasound technology were Ian Donald and Karl Dussik. This equipment was first used by Dussik to examine human brain while Donald used it for diagnostic purpose. There are lots of wrbsites for ultrasound machines for sale online.
  • EKG Machine: Also called Electrocardiogram, was developed by Willem Einthoven in 1903. This machine has the capability to detect abnormalities, if any that exists in the heart by identifying the electrical signals which are created by the heart’s muscle movements. Some letters like P to T had been assigned by Einthoven to different electrical signals sent to the heart. This system can be still witnessed in the modern EKG machines.
  • X-Ray machine: It was in 1895 that X-rays had been accidentally discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physicist, when working on different experiments with the electron beams. Initially, the x-ray machines were cited to be cumbersome, large and also fatally dangerous. With passage of time and the development of the best x ray accessories, it got developed into very safe instruments which are being used by doctors to diagnose ailments, to detect foreign objects present in the body, cavities and fractured bones.

Essential Medical Equipment and Furniture used in Hospitals

Hospital furniture types use in hospitals

There are used different types of hospital furniture for providing greater comfort to ailing people and to help them to recover quickly. The main focus on healthcare facility furniture is not on attraction or design, but its priority is said to lie on comfort and reliability.

  • Comfortable beds are undoubtedly very much important in hospitals. They are required to be installed in ICUs, wards, operating and surgical rooms. When compared to normal beds, these are to be durable, comfortable, reliable and strong. They are made from quality metals and with spring structure having adjustment options. Finding a hospital bed for home can also make lockdowns more plausible.
  • The chairs also constitute a vital part of hospital ward furniture and meant for members accompanying the patients. Few are also required for outdoor patients who need to wait for their turn to get checked by the doctors.
  • Wheelchairs are considered to be special set of chairs which are require to move the patients from one department to the other, especially those who are not in a position to move on their own, due to some recent treatments or some sickness. They are mainly created of metals having soft sitting materials, with wheels to allow simplified movements.

The best hospitals in the country like, Check – Fortis Hospital, Bangalore Doctor List, do boast of having different types of furniture and medical equipment to ensure optimum patient care needed for greater comfort and quick recovery.