Do you think about mining crypto? It is mandatory to know about how is crypto mining taxes. Crypto mining can be considered either a commercial practice or a hobby. So, the first step in determining the crypto mining tax implications is to confirm whether you are a commercial or hobby miner. It helps you to choose the right path to achieve your goal.

Crypto mining remains the best and most reliable way for investors to earn cryptocurrency. However, you must pay tax on crypto mining activities if you are mining. Crypto mining is the process of validating the transaction on a particular blockchain. You need a computer, mining software, and power supply to mine cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

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Overview of crypto mining taxes


Taxes for mining crypto are straightforward because it is the same as the income taxes rates. If you do your job as the miner and are rewarded for it with the cryptocurrency, the market value of the coins you receive at that time will be considered your gross income. It means you need to pay ordinary income tax rates on your crypto earnings. In most cases, it ranges between 10-37%.

The tax laws on mining crypto are straightforward. However, the way of reporting the crypto tax is entirely a different story. This is where the crypto miners confront complications. As a crypto miner, you should have detailed records of the date and market value of the coins you obtain as income. Unlike in conventional jobs, the miners do not have an employer to issue a W-2 form to. Additionally, most mining platforms never file a 1099 form to the IRS.

Spending some extra time and gathering all the records will save more of your time and mental peace while reporting your taxes. So, try to do it properly. If you need assistance regarding this aspect, you can seek help from the experts at binocs. They will handle and simplify your crypto taxes while focusing on your investments.

Possible deductions on the crypto mining taxes

Crypto mining demands expensive and advanced equipment and more electricity. According to some studies, the expenses for crypto mining can take up more if the total mining revenue is not more than 50% of expenses. It is incredibly huge, particularly when it comes to paying crypto taxes. Fortunately, the IRS lets you deduct all the necessary expenses for running the business. Therefore, you can minimize your tax liability.

These expenses may include electricity, repair, space rental, and equipment costs. These are the essential requirements to mine crypto. Deducting all these expenses from your annual gross income makes you pay less tax. So, you do not worry unnecessarily about paying more taxes on crypto. Before deciding anything, it is much better to check the IRS official guidelines on what qualifies for the home and office deductions.


Now, you learn the basics of crypto mining taxes. It will help you to start crypto mining and enjoy the tremendous benefits. Use the possible tax deductions to save more on your crypto income.