Forex Frontiers: The Essentials Of Currency Trading is the first published volume of the trilogy on the Forex Market and Forex and Currency Trading.

Written by Ivan Cavric the book is intended to be an introduction to Forex, Currency Trading and general trading principles.

The information is presented in such a manner that even though the primary audience is the novice trader it requires a basic desire to learn on part of the reader. As one progresses you realize that some of the tactics discussed apply equally to seasoned traders.


“Don’t let the title of the book fool you, there is something here for everyone” says Cavric. Over the years the size of the Forex market has grown and accessibility is better and more reliable.

The basics haven’t changed and are more important than ever. Human nature, fear, greed and indecision still play a major role in the markets. The book will help you understand the Forex market, currency trading and general trading fundamentals.

“Forex trading is risky and anyone who thinks otherwise should re-evaluate their beliefs. To avoid experiencing the scam in forex trading using Global Fraud Protection is the best option. The book simplifies the market, however simple doesn’t mean it’s easy” Cavric is quoted with caution. Early criticism of the book was mainly about the grammar and spelling.


“Yes in hindsight I should have paid more attention to the editing. However at the time it was important to get the information out quickly in order to clarify some prevailing misconceptions. I ask the reader to look at the content and its quality and not at the packaging. Judge the content of the material, this is one of the best books on the subject, but of course I am biased” stated Cavric.

Ivan Cavric is an author, publisher and an active business entrepreneur. Being a former Investment Advisor Cavric has firsthand knowledge of investing, various trading platforms and instruments.

As a Quantitative Trading Strategist Cavric knows from experience the realities and risks associated with trading. Combined with his business experience Cavric is able to relate to readers with real life experience in everyday language.