Unlike desktop software, QuickBooks Online is cloud-based. This allows for a much wider range of functionality.

Your accounting files are protected using the same advanced encryption technology top banks use and backed up in the cloud. This eliminates the need for USB drives and gives you peace of mind.

Access Your Data Anywhere

QBO is a cloud-based program, which means clients can access their accounting files remotely on any device with an internet connection. This allows them to perform tasks on the go and collaborate with accountants in real-time.

It also eliminates the hassle of local installations, hardware maintenance, disruptive updates, and manual backups. Client data is private, secured with the same encryption technology as top banks, and is automatically backed up in multiple locations.

Boost productivity by automating and streamlining accounting. For example, simplify invoice approvals, manage bank reconciliations, categorize expenses, and more.

Real-Time Collaboration

QuickBooks Online offers real-time collaboration across multiple devices and locations as a cloud-based solution. This allows users, including accountants, to access financial data and work from anywhere with internet connectivity.

While you can migrate Quickbooks desktop to online, historical transaction data (invoices, bills) must be manually re-entered online. This is a good opportunity to review the chart of accounts and evaluate whether a simplified or more complex structure better meets the client’s needs.

QuickBooks Online offers integrated tools that help you and your clients save time by streamlining tasks like invoice approvals, sales tax management, banking reconciliations, categorizing expenses, and more. Detailed reports provide visibility into business performance.

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Automated Workflows

As a firm owner, you and your clients have various accounting responsibilities. Using automation and workflow tools can help you serve your clients in productive ways, save time on menial tasks, and keep your team focused on responsibilities that move the needle for your business.

For example, you can set up a workflow to send an overdue invoice reminder to a customer by email or phone. You can customize the reminder message to match your company’s tone of voice.

You can also automate a workflow that generates sales orders to track the materials, labor, and other costs you use to complete projects for customers or jobs. This process, known as progress invoicing, helps you keep track of your inventory and ensures you have the items you need to deliver on time to your customers.

Increased Security

Unlike desktop versions of QuickBooks that require local hardware, cloud-based QBO eliminates the need for additional hardware or helper applications. This allows for a more reliable experience that isn’t vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Additionally, QBO provides backups and other security features, such as data encryption and multi-tier backups. This ensures that your accounting is safe even if your computer or office experiences an outage.

By syncing with QuickBooks Online, your business can automate workflows and collaborate with accountants in real time, anywhere. Managing inventory, overseeing sales channels, getting paid, paying bills, and generating reports remotely is easy. It’s also easy to sync with apps, which helps you get paid and pay others at the real mid-market rate. This saves you valuable time and resources.


Unlike Desktop’s limited access to accounting files, QuickBooks Online is cloud-based. This allows users to access their accounting data anywhere, with only a stable Internet connection required.

Additionally, QBO automatically updates, reducing the hassle of manually updating the software. This is important, as updates are often released for fixes and improvements that increase functionality and security.

QuickBooks Online offer scalable plans, allowing users to add more users to their accounts. With this, it is easier to collaborate with bookkeepers, accountants, and clients. This can also help streamline processes like approving invoices, managing bank reconciliations and categorizing expenses.

The scalability of QBO is another important reason to consider switching to the solution. This is especially true for businesses with growing client bases.