Remote working is on the priority list of most companies these days, since it has proven to be an effective method for workers to fulfil their job duties from the safe environment of their own homes. But, since remote working can be done from anywhere, why should we limit ourselves? Lately, there is a new trend in remote working: working from Malaga. This paradisiacal city has everything you could desire to live and to do your job.

Working from paradise

Located on the southern coast of Spain, Malaga is a lovely city that receives nearly 2 million visitors every year. Its beautiful beaches, large cultural offering, breathtaking monuments and amazing weather conditions make it hard to not fall in love with this city. That is why these days, more and more people are choosing Malaga not only as a holiday destination, but as a place to live. Especially when it comes to remote working, since we must admit that the possibility of working near the beach sounds rather appealing.

Digital Nomad

If you are planning to start Malaga home working, first you will need to get settled. There are a few aspects you will need to take care of, such as:

  • Finding a place to live.
  • Getting access to your own car, so you can move around more freely.
  • Contracting utilities (water, electricity, etc.)
  • Look for schools if you have young children under your care or for colleges nearby in case you want to pursue your studies while working.
  • Get some legal and tax advice. Different countries work under different regulations, and it is important to be aware of the differences with our own country in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • Creating a professional networking, in case you would need additional assistance on your work projects.
  • Get an internet provider. Malaga has some of Europe’s best fibre optic networks, which will allow you to work at top speed.

Once you have taken care of all these aspects, you will soon find that Malaga is the perfect place to live. As Spain’s 5th city in terms of cultural offerings, you will have no time to get bored. Malaga is also very well-connected with the rest of the world, thanks to its access to an international airport, speed trains and even a port. You will soon find that Malaga has something that invites people to live in. With over 320 days of sunshine per year and its cosmopolitan aura (since the city is home to more than 70 different languages), it is hard to find a place that would be more appealing to work in.

Digital Nomad

The perks of remote working

Remote working is a method that has proven highly effective in terms of production for most job positions, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Because of this, companies should not be afraid of having employees work in Malaga, since in a way, it is something that should be encouraged. Remote working has many perks, such as:

  • It increases productivity. Satisfied and happy workers are proven to be more productive, and it is hard to not feel that way when you live in a place as wonderful as Malaga.
  • Remote working reduces costs.
  • It increases the satisfaction and loyalty of workers with the company (since it allows them to coordinate their work with their life better, the flexible location and working hours make them happier, etc).
  • It improves the company’s working environment.
  • It helps companies attract and retain qualified talent from all over the world, since they are no longer limited to the local offer.
  • Furthermore, it facilitates employee transfers and company expansions across the South of Europe.

Overall, remote working from a paradisiacal place like Malaga is the perfect option for both employees and employers, since not only does it increase productivity, but it also helps to create happier employees.