A business is well known by the products and the services it provides to the customer but not more than the reputation and the image it holds among the clients, customers, and the potential market.

It is not possible to measure the worth of the brand with a defined scale but there are a lot of factors that silently play their role in building an image of the brand such as the way it treats its customers, how professionally it deals with the clients and the customers, and the brand accessories that a business use while sending out formal letters and the most important business cards.

A business card is a small, printed paper card that carries business details, such as the name of the company, contact information, logo, and other introductory details that are of the most importance.

Functions of Business Cards:

Functions of business cards

These business multi-tools fulfill a lot of professional business needs; advertising, marketing, introduction, brand awareness, and call-to-action. If they are designed properly, these small pocket-sized billboards leave an everlasting and impressive impression on the customers and the passing by strangers. You can order business cards and Logo Stationery items for your official use from reputed sellers online.

Luxury is not Always Expensive:

It is obvious that business whether a freelance, startup, or an established firm, needs business cards that effectively communicate with the clients and introduce the idea or concept behind the company but, cards that are high in quality or else it is impossible to make an impact. One should consider a good quality plastic card manufacturer for making a business card.

premium custom business cards

Everything glitter is not gold and it perfectly goes with the idea that everything luxurious is not expensive especially when we are talking about customization.


It is the most effective way to create masterpiece business cards in the cheapest possible rates.

Yes! You have heard it right.

Customization allows companies to choose every design element of the cards according to their need and requirement. So by controlling these things you can play with the quality to get the premium custom business cards.


Before getting on the roller coaster ride it is important to understand two to three most important things that are the essence of the brand and will make your cards effective.

Brand logo Color scheme business card

1. Brand logo
2. Color scheme
3. The idea behind the company

Logo, color scheme, and the idea behind the company are the most crucial things for a brand as they represent the brand, gives it an identity, and they are the things people will remember your brand with. Not only the identity, but these factors are also important in creating a layout of the card. Besides these design elements, it is also important to understand who you are and what is it that you want to convey to the customers.

We’ll achieve the premium quality with the customization and effective designing techniques that will enhance the appearance and quality of the cards and not the material.

Choose the Material:

Paper is the most affordable material that can be used to get the highest quality for the cards as the grade of the paper matters a lot in determining the quality of the prints. Stock paper is strong and does not get crimpled so easily like a normal grade paper. It is the first step to affordability. Paper, kraft paper and cardboard is the cheapest material that is also easily available in the market.

Ponder on the Shapes:

Building your business on the shapes or the theme is a clever idea. Creative shapes depend on the message you want to convey to the customers. Special die-cut shapes give a more professional reputation of the brand. Die-cutting is cheap for paper but gives a more improvised look to the cards that increase the quality of the cards.

Be Precise:

While business cards printing, it is important to keep your designs and the content on the cards to the minimal as overdoing the designs give a tacky and cheap look to the cards and also makes it difficult for the customers to find out the important details.

Must Add:

typography Business Cards

Quality is not only about having a strong or heavy material but there are a lot of things that contribute in the quality as such, for business cards it is the information that needs to be accurate because it must fulfill the purpose of the cards. Do not forget to add the necessary information that is necessary to interact with the company.

• Name
• Logo
• Job title
• Contact number
• Email
• Social media
• Address
• QR code
• Slogan


Design Elements:

No matter what material you are using but if you are choosing the right colors and high-end printing techniques then it is too possible to hide the minor flaws of the paper that is being used. For example, neutral colors help in hiding the texture imperfections. Colors play an important part in affecting the human mind and quality. Some tones are just cheap looking no matter how high end or latest printing techniques you are using. Just like colors fonts hold a particular vibe of the time. Clarity is what drastically enhances the quality of the boxes

• Colors
• Typography
• Legible text


die cut business card

Special Effects:

Bonus! Additional custom techniques are the most effective tools to upgrade your quality game such as;

• Embossing
• Letter pressing
• Foil stamping
• Spot UV coating


Let’s put the last nail in the coffin. Wholesale!

Wholesale customization is the cheapest printing solution because they deal in bulk that reduces the price to the lowest.

If you are not sure about the designs or any other element there are a lot of templates for business cards online that can give you some inspiration. If there is still some confusion you can look for Business Cards Printing that helps you get through the process smoothly.