The 2 Pizza Rule is a meeting management strategy popularized by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The rule states that no meeting should have so many attendees that two pizzas cannot feed everyone. This rule is designed to keep meetings small and efficient, and to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.

There are a few reasons why Bezos believes that the 2 Pizza Rule is important. First, large meetings can be inefficient and unproductive. When there are too many people in a meeting, it can be difficult to get everyone’s input, and it can be easy for the discussion to get sidetracked. Second, large meetings can be intimidating for some people, and they can make it difficult for people to speak up. This can lead to missed opportunities and bad decisions.

The 2 Pizza Rule is not a hard and fast rule, and there are some exceptions. For example, if a meeting is necessary for a large group of people, Bezos may allow it to go ahead. So, Jeff Bezos believes that the 2 Pizza Rule is a good general guideline for keeping meetings efficient and productive.

The 2 Pizza Rule states:

Any collaborative team should be small enough to be fed by two pizzas.

It’s meant for companies & meetings, but I think it’s also a simple concept for solopreneurs to create effective collaborations (without hiring.)

Let’s dive into the benefits of the 2 Pizza Rule used by every small business wanting success:

Agile Decision-Making:

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Small collabs allow you to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Lose the bureaucracy.

You’ll get more time to focus on the tasks that truly matter, boosting productivity and growth.

Always keep your collabs small: 3-4 people max

Improved Communication:

Fewer people lead to clearer communication, making it easier to share ideas & concerns.

Streamlining the process means better collaboration and results.

The more people in the mix, the more it’s like a game of telephone.

Pick 2 lead communicators.

Better Focus:

BusinessAdministrationandManagement ABoostForYourBiz

More people means more “cooks in the kitchen”.

Too much noise, too many decisions, too many people pulling you in different directions.

By staying lean, you can prioritize and allocate resources efficiently, driving your most important projects forward – fast.

Stronger Relationships:

With 3-4 people max, you can build much deeper connections with any collaborators or freelancers.

Strong relationships lead to more trust, loyalty, and success.

Plus, it’s easy to work together again and again (bonus).

Increased Accountability:

BusinessAdministrationandManagement ABoostForYourBiz

When the group is small, everyone is highly visible.

No more hiding behind big teams.

Collaborators must take responsibility and deliver their best work.

This accountability leads to better overall performance, which gets lost in large groups.

Greater Innovation:

Small groups often adapt and pivot fast, making them well-suited to discover innovative new processes and ideas for your business.

You can harness this speed to explore those new ideas and quickly test their viability, staying ahead of other builders.


BusinessAdministrationandManagement ABoostForYourBiz

Small groups of 3-4 for better Agility, Communication, Focus, Relationships, Accountability and Innovation. Reap all 6 of these benefits by keeping my collabs small.

Next time you’re thinking about working with collaborators or freelancers, remember the 2-pizza rule. Keep it small, keep it nimble, keep it focused, and win.