In 2021, Here are 5 tips for increasing drilling equipment productivity. Drilling is all about maximizing production. Drillers and the organizations for which they operate are all looking for ways to boost productivity. One big problem may often have a negative effect on drilling efficiency, and all it takes is to address it. It’s often possible to increase efficiency by tweaking a few minor details. If you change a few things, the results can be very different. We’ll go through some tips to upgrade your productivity in the sections below.


1) Increase your ROP (Rate of Penetration)


In drilling, the rate of penetration is an important factor. If you can boost your ROP, you’ll be able to get the best results with the least amount of effort. A successful ROP ensures that your operation runs efficiently. To improve your ROP, you must first decide the best drilling parameters for the rock type and condition, as well as the best core bit and crown configuration for that ground. The right WOB (Weight on Bit), water circulation, and rotation speed all contribute to the ROP (RPM).

2) Invest in high-quality equipment

You get what you pay for, as the old adage goes, and diamond drilling is no exception. Attempting to save money by purchasing low-cost drill rods or core bits can result in the core bit needing to be replaced more frequently or the drill rods breaking prematurely. When you’re stuck in a pit, the time spent doing routine maintenance can have a significant effect on productivity.

3) Choose the appropriate equipment

It is important to pick the necessary equipment for the job. One of the most important decisions affecting drilling efficiency is selecting the right core bit. Ground hardness, variability, abrasiveness, and competency, as well as the type of drill rig used, driller experience, and planned drilling depth, will all be factors to consider. There are also decisions to be taken on the crown’s design. The reaming casing, core barrel, core lifter mechanism, and drill rods you choose may all have an effect on productivity.

4) Keep up with routine maintenance

Inspect all of the equipment you’ll be using to ensure that it’s in good working order. Check to see if they’re clean and lubricated. If required, use an industrial degreaser to clean the rod threads and coat them with thread compound.

5) Be well-organized

Every minute you spend not drilling is time spent not collecting core. Organize yourself and make detailed lists of everything you’ll need for the project. You’ll save time by not having to return to your camp to get the one small part that prevents the guys from drilling. The trek could take a long time, depending on how remote the site is, and the crew would be left behind with a half-million dollar worth of equipment, twiddling their thumbs. Include parts for diamond tools, engines, pumps, tooling, oils, accessories, consumables, and other categories on your list. Kindly, Visit WYCE Innovations website to find out more.