Factors You Need to Know When Considering  Manual Vacuum Sweepers

The Manual Vacuum Sweeper is touted to be the world’s only sweeper that has an inbuilt vacuum for cleaning. The push sweeper has effective dust control and includes no electric motors or batteries whatsoever.

Ideal for use in warehouses, factories, car parks and even transport companies, the manual vacuum sweeper is one of a kind for commercial and industrial cleaning use for a wide range of varied companies. With commercial spaces having dirt, dust and grime stuck to the floors, much more than average domestic spaces, cleaning such business spaces usually need heavy-duty sweepers and scrubbing machines to do the job efficiently.

Developed by Eureka and Push Sweepers Australia, the ASC MEP manual sweeper is one of many sweeper ranges that forms an important part of industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment in Australia and New Zealand. The company continues to sell commercial push sweepers in Australia and industrial and commercial scrubbers and sweepers.

Manual Vacuum Sweeper

Salient features of the manual vacuum sweeper

Since the Manual vacuum sweeper is also a push sweeper with its own dust control, it is the ideal cleaning equipment that can dispel the dust in large spaces without any hassle! It is easy to operate than a conventional broom. In fact, the product is 10 times faster than any normal broom that you use for cleaning the floors!

– The sweeper features an unlimited running time that helps cleaning professionals use the sweeper for long periods

– The sweeper can be easily handled and its operations are not tough to manage.

– It operates silently without noise, which means that when cleaning, it would not cause any noise disturbances even among crowds!

– The push sweeper is 100% eco-friendly, utilising high-grade materials.

Benefits of using the manual vacuum sweeper

Hand-built and envisioned in Italy, the manual sweeper is robust and secure for cleaning surfaces. Since it uses the highest grade materials and features a steel chassis, the sweeper is durable and can be used for a long period of time. Commercial spaces along with food factories, petrol stations, tennis courts, and other sporting grounds, can benefit from having a manual vacuum sweeper in their vicinity. It has a capacity of cleaning 2100 sq. m every hour, which is enough for most large spaces. Additionally, the front dirt container has a capacity of 26 litres, while the back container can accommodate 4 litres.

The powerful sweeper can work with a recommended speed of 3 km/ hour!

One of the best attributes of these sweepers is their low running costs despite the space they can cover. There are minimal service costs involved with this gadget, and its long service life means it can last for years, making it one of the best ones with smart ROI.

The sweeper can work on both hard and soft surfaces and experts recommend it to be an ideal sweeper for both outdoor and indoor surfaces.

Differentiators of the manual vacuum sweeper

The manual vacuum sweeper is unique because it can simultaneously work as a sweeper as well as a vacuum. Both functions can operate at the same time, meaning that you do not need a separate vacuum cleaner to suck the dust and dirt.

The machine includes 2 hopers (front and back), which means that the operator can use the machine both forwards and backwards. The full rubber wheels are of good quality, helping to traverse long distances while its self-grease bearings ensure that they do not get eroded over time due to constant friction. The brushes include 10 sections of bristles for making strong strokes on the floor, covering all the areas. The sweeper includes a side broom too.

No wonder, the manual vacuum sweeper was the deserved winner of the 2005 European Innovation Award. One can expect the machine to make its presence felt across commercial and industrial spheres and applications including warehouses, construction sites, driveways, sporting grounds, and many other places in Australia.


As a commercial space owner, it is highly recommended to choose the manual vacuum sweeper as cleaning equipment to complete the process regularly and efficiently. With a large number of customer testimonials on its website, ASC’s manual vacuum sweeper has benefited several industrial spaces and companies, making it a worthy investment in more ways than one.