When it comes to choosing the right industrial doors for your business within the automotive sector, whether you have a garage, showroom, workshop or production and manufacturing facility, you most certainly will require doors that offer you the right level of protection. You’ll likely be looking for protection that ensures your staff, vehicles and equipment, products and customers remain safe and secure on your premises.

You want reliable building protection that you can trust. Safe and secure in this case means strong enough to prevent unwanted entry and built to a quality that reduces risks from malfunction or events such as fire. It is all well and good having alarms in place. However, your priority is to prevent unwanted entry by having inadequate or unwieldy doors that, while they offer theft protection, are a nightmare to run operations smoothly.

Here are just some of the door styles available to offer protection for the automotive sector. Choosing to use suppliers such as Hörmann to supply and fit your automotive industrial doors will ensure that you are best placed to receive advice, high-quality products and exceptional service to fulfil your needs.


Industrial sectional doors

Sectional doors are perfect for spaces where space is at a premium or where valuable equipment such as cars can be damaged by swinging doors or are at risk from doors opening or closing onto valuable property.

Sectional doors open vertically, with no requirement for vast space in front of or behind the door. The sections are stored flat in the ceiling space, vertically above the opening or along the roof. They offer minimal invasion on the area for maximum use of the entire opening width.

Constructed of steel or aluminium, they look stylish whilst being secure and functional. Operations flow seamlessly while goods, equipment and personnel remain safe. These doors give showrooms and workshops easy to open areas without reorganising or risking damage to high-value vehicles.

Fire sliding doors

Fire damage to your equipment, vehicles and stock could be catastrophic. Both smoke damage and fires can be damaging to your business and you are putting your business and customers property at risk if your doors are not suitable rated for fire and smoke protection. Choosing fully protective fire rated doors with smoke-tight protection will ensure that in the event of a fire, your staff have a reliable route from the building without risk as they move between areas.

Suitable for internal and external areas and can provide valuable rescue routes, especially in high traffic areas. They offer segregation protection to ensure to reduce the spread of life-threatening fumes. Where pedestrians require fast passage with sack trucks and small trolleys, fire doors can have wicket/escapes doors integrally fitted. These doors are equipped with slide rail overhead door closers to be closed quickly to ensure maximum protection.

Rolling shutters and grilles

Rolling shutters and grilles are an economical solution to secure, sturdy and reliable doors. Grilles can protect windows and allow sight inside the building when you want products visible, making them great for showrooms and shops.

Rolling shutters are also incredibly versatile and secure for many opening styles, no matter how small the area. Rolling shutters and grilles require minimal headroom above the opening, rolling compactly behind lintels. They do not impact the room sides or ceiling. Using designs that have no requirement for vast wasted opening space offers substantial energy savings.

As well as protecting your own and your customer’s property, the many choices available for internal and external doors and protection will also benefit your workforce. Where adjustments can be made with minimal disruption to their day and workflow, you can save money. Energy costs can be reduced as doors can be closed more readily. Staff can be protected from unwanted noise or contaminants that could affect productivity. You will know you have done all you can to protect your premises by installing the right doors for your automotive business.