In different industries, the use of toroidal inductors is quite popular — thanks to its multiple characteristics. These inductors are versatile as they can be used in different forms — be they a coil or a common mode inductor.

If you’re a beginner with toroidal inductors and are looking for some detailed information on them, you’ve clicked on the right link. Our discussion on toroidal inductors will be a great source of help for beginners.

What Is a Toroidal Inductor?

A toroidal inductor refers to an insulated coil that is twisted with a wire. It is used in a wide range of electronic circuits, especially where a higher number of inductances are necessary to carry out different functions.

Toroidal conductors are composed of different substances – laminated iron, ferrite, iron dust cores, etc. All of these substances are strong insulators, i.e., components which do not conduct electricity. The stronger the insulation in a toroidal inductor, the better the resistance of impact will be.

Types of Toroidal Inductors

Toroidal inductors are of different types depending upon the dimensions, inductance, tolerance, and current rating. Some of the most common types of toroidal inductors are-

  1. Standard Toroidal Inductors
  2. SMD Power Inductors
  3. Coupled Toroidal Inductors
  4. High Temperature Toroid Inductors
  5. Common Mode Inductors

Although there are various types of toroid inductors, all of them serve more or less the same function. They only differ according to their average measurements and properties.

Use of Toroidal Inductors

Now that you’re familiar with the basic concept of toroidal inductors, let’s have a look at some of their important uses:

  1. Toroidal inductors are used in different electronic devices, inverters as well as amplifiers.
  2. The application of toroidal inductors in telecommunications, aviation, nuclear field technology, and medical technology is immense.
  3. Toroidal inductors are helpful for filtering noise in switch transformers as well as power tools.
  4. You can handle electronic brakes and control circuits with toroidal inductors.

Toroidal Inductors

Properties of Toroidal Inductors

Toroidal inductor are used for a wide range of functions, and the reason behind it is their different properties.

One of the most important properties of toroidal inductors is their large inductance. These inductors possess a powerful magnetic field, which helps them achieve this kind of inductance.

Another impressive property of these inductors is their noise limitation. You won’t find any air gap within toroidal inductors, which helps them perform as silently as possible.

These inductors also have multiple properties like tolerance and DC resistance, allowing them to work in different industries.

Final Words

Bringing it to the end, it can be said that toroidal inductors are better than any traditional inductors in the market. Their versatility and ability to work within different fields have earned them huge popularity.