If you’re seeking to find an inmate, whether you’re doing so for yourself or for professional reasons, you need to know what steps to take and what you’ll uncover after the search. Therefore, if you’re seeking the information on an inmate in Texas, you’ll need to learn what pieces of information are available to you.

The Difference Between a Texas Jail and Prison

Before you look for details, you need to figure out if the inmate is residing in a jail or prison in Texas. The difference between the two sites involves the type of arrest or conviction. A jail frequently serves as a place to hold a person who is arrested and awaiting a court trial. The facility is also used for offenders who have committed minor crimes.

Alternatively, a prison serves as a residence for offenders who have committed more serious crimes, who have to spend more time at the site to pay for their offense. A Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) number is given to inmates who are in custody under the system.

Getting the Inmate Number

Having the number makes it easier for you to find an inmate incarcerated at a facility. You can use the number on a TDCJ website or you can also access inmate info by using a state identification number (SID) along with their name.

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What a Texas Inmate Search Will Reveal

Once you obtain the needed information from a Texas inmate search, you’ll be given the following 8 pieces of information.

1. The inmate’s name
2. Their race
3. Their gender
4. The age of the prisoner
5. The maximum sentence date
6. The current jail or prison facility
7. The projected date of release and eligibility date for parole
8. The offense history


You’ll also find out if you can visit the inmate, or if they are eligible for this privilege. If the details are available, you can also find out where the offenses were committed as well as the case number for each sentence. When you receive the information about the facility, you can link to the jail or prison website to obtain the phone number and address. This can be quite helpful if you wish to contact the inmate or want to plan future visits.

What Data is Unavailable

When you perform a Texas inmate search, you won’t be given the prisoner’s date of birth, nor will you have access to mugshots or photos.

Where to Write for Information

If you prefer to write to obtain inmate information, you can do that easily. This can be done by writing to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice at the P.O. Box 99 address. The facility is located in Huntsville, Texas at the 77342-0099 zip code.

Checking on Visiting Hours and Other Forms of Communication

If you’re using the information to find out more about visitation, contact the facility by phone first to see if the prisoner can accept visitors. If you can visit, you’ll need to find out the visiting hours.

Usually, the  hours during the weekdays are longer than they are during the weekends. Also, you’ll want to find out the rules for receiving packages and mail and if the prisoner can make calls from the facility.

Getting the Information: Making It Easier

Knowing the above information can do a great deal to give you peace of mind if you’re a loved one or help you with finding out information for legal purposes. To make sure you secure the right information, it’s best to get the inmate’s assigned inmate number along with their name.