It is quite common for people to get charged with a crime they haven’t committed. Most of the time, people are falsely accused of a drug crime. And to get out of it, they don’t have the proper information or tactics. So rather than panicking, here are certain things that you can do as a quick response to such a situation.

Hire a Good Attorney from a Reputable Firm

The very first step is hiring a lawyer. It is something that you should do immediately before you are taken into custody. When hiring a lawyer, be sure that they are reliable and experienced. If you live in Tennessee, make sure you contact among the best criminal lawyers in Knoxville. Don’t choose in a hurry, and do thorough research before hiring the lawyer.This would help you get the needed guidance on how to handle the case. If you are confident that you’re accused falsely, it is very important to take prompt action as any delay can work against you. Competitive people must represent you to get you out of the mess.

Don’t Discuss Your Case with People

The more you discuss your case or any information related to it with the people, the more hurdles you will create for yourself. You never know what’s going on in the other person’s mind. At times, they are listening to you to collect shreds of evidence against you. So, make sure that you don’t speak freely to anyone unless the court makes the final decision.

File a Suit of Impeachment

You must file a suit of impeachment against the private or public office that has placed allegations on you. This suit will help you show that you are trying to eliminate the accusation on yourself and claim charges from the person who has accused you.


Find a Witness

You or your lawyer must look for someone who can prove your innocence. This could be any person who was with you at the moment when the event took place. This person can save your life and help you get rid of the false charges.

Collect all the Evidence

Try to collect as much evidence as possible to prove your innocence. Usually, the concerned authorities often take your phone and other belongings into custody in a drug case. Then, they analyze the chats, previous locations, etc., to check whether or not you are involved in the case. So, ensure that your chats don’t have any such content before your phone is taken under custody.

Private Polygraph Tests

Although they do not have a serious implication in the court of law, a private polygraph test would boost your and your attorney’s confidence. Drug allegations are serious, and your attorney must have full faith in you to defend you better.

By acting sensibly and following the steps mentioned, you can easily and timely save yourself. You need to be fast and active because any delay can cause you a lot of trouble.