Virtually any attorney worth their salt, whether prosecution or defense, will advise anyone facing criminal charges to retain the services of a lawyer. No matter how well-versed you are with your charges and pertinent laws, having an attorney represent you ensures that your rights are protected and your best interests are watched out for.

However, there are a few key points that you should keep in mind when trying to find the best criminal lawyers in Philly. No matter if the crime you’re accused of is severe or not.

First and Foremost

While they don’t necessarily have to exclusively practice criminal law, you should choose an attorney that at least specializes in it. Visit the website for several prospects and if you don’t see anything regarding criminal law, you should cross them off your list. When it comes to criminal prosecution, you need an attorney that is constantly on top of the best possible defense for your type of case and all of the subtle distinctions in the law regarding your charges.

Location, Location, Location

Click here to find the best criminal lawyers in Philly courts are those that are actually from Philly. In addition to finding an attorney experienced in criminal law, having one that is experienced in the local courts can be extremely important.

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When it comes to fighting a criminal charge, the connections and relationships your attorney has in the area can be invaluable. Every judge that presides over criminal cases has their own way of running their courtrooms and they have certain expectations for how attorneys should present themselves and their cases. A criminal lawyer in Philly that knows all of the nuances of the court you’re up against can help ensure that they come up with the best strategy for your case.

Time to Research

Simply finding a local attorney that specializes in criminal law is just the first step to finding the best criminal lawyers in Philly. Once you have a list of a few possibilities, you should take the time to do a little research on them.

Check out the Philadelphia Bar Association website to see if they have any formal disciplinary actions on their record and review their Google+ and Facebook platforms. They don’t generally allow attorneys to remove bad reviews and can be a good place to see what previous clients had to say. While you don’t want to rule them out simply due to a single negative review, this quick step can give you an overall idea of what others have encountered with that attorney.

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Of course one of the best ways to find the best criminal lawyer in Philly is by word of mouth. Ask your friends, coworkers, and family members if they know of any good criminal attorneys. This is one of the best ways to gauge how a specific attorney may handle your case, by talking directly to those with first-hand knowledge.

Lastly, if you use an attorney for family law, business, estate planning, or other personal matters, ask them who they recommend for a criminal case. A professional recommendation can be a great way to get an honest opinion because they generally want what’s best for you.

Finding a great lawyer isn’t hard, it just takes a little time and effort. But when it comes to criminal cases, it’s time and effort well spent.