Are you interested in locating a place where you can have a BPSS check done. This is a type of a background check that is designed to help reduce the probability of interacting with, or employing, illegal workers. It can also help with identifying who people actually are, individuals that may have sold in somebody else’s identity. The objective is to protect national security, and when will go through these background checks, it uncovers things that they may be hiding that may not be found through other types of background clearance checks available.

What Does It Actually Do?

Baseline personnel security standard checks are becoming very, when you are putting someone through the pre employment process. It is during the screening process that you will ask them questions, have them fill out forms, and then they will have to go through this type of background check. For example, a person may go to a new employer, but before they are able to be employed, this security check must be administered. Additionally, there is no expiration date associated with the check which means you should be able to find a substantial amount of information on these individuals, yet from that point forward, it’s not going to expire based upon what is found.

What Does It Verify?

The verification process is very simple. It first determines if they have a right to work in the country that they are in based upon immigration and nationality status. It will also do a basic identification data check, which simply looks at where they live, and also determines if they are truly who they say they are based upon aliases they may have, or checking accounts that may have their name on them. Other information will also be derived, and when all of this is compiled together, you will then have the ability to determine if you want to work with them.

Do They Take Very Long?

They really don’t take very long at all. Some of them can come back within a matter of hours, whereas others may take several weeks. It depends on how transparent the person is and how much of their information is freely available on the web. For example, they may have social media pages that will clearly show that they are a real person, and that image that you see of them there is going to match with identification that they are providing you with. Overall, it’s a very short process, but there are thorough procedures that are undertaken in order to make sure that a person is who they say they are.


If you are going to hire somebody, and you are in an area where there could be individuals that could be illegally in the country, you definitely want to have this done. You may not realize how easy it is to find these companies that will provide the background checks for you so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the information. Once done, you can feel confident about the new employee that you are going to hire. If you are attempting to become an employee, always be prepared to go through a BPSS check to verify your identity.