Sometimes, people make the mistake of driving under drugs or alcohol. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident with an intoxicated driver, there are certain steps you should take to protect your rights. Below, we discuss what to do after a motorcycle accident involving an intoxicated driver.



Call the Police

Call the police, give them a full account of what happened, and ask that they file a report. If the other driver is intoxicated, they will likely be arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI). A DUI conviction can result in jail time, fines, and a driver’s license suspension.

When informing the police of the accident, give them your side of the story and ask that they document it in the report. The police will likely speak to witnesses, who can provide valuable information about what happened.

Seek Medical Attention

After the accident, it is important to seek medical attention, even if you do not think you are injured. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may not be immediately apparent. A medical professional can properly assess your injuries and provide the necessary treatment.

Keep all your medical records and documentation, as you will need them later when filing a personal injury claim. Also, be sure to keep track of any missed work days and out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident, as these can be included in your claim.

Document the Incident

If you can, take pictures of the accident scene, including the damage to your motorcycle and any injuries you sustained. You should also record any expenses you incur from the accident, such as medical bills, repair bills, and lost wages. If there were witnesses to the accident, get their contact information so that you can obtain statements from them later.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

It is important to get the other driver’s information, including their name, contact information, insurance company, and policy number. If possible, take photos of their driver’s license and insurance card.

The other driver’s insurance company will likely contact you after the accident to get your side of the story. Do not to give them a recorded statement, as anything you say can be used against you later. If you have to give a recorded statement, make sure you review the questions ahead of time so that you are prepared.

Consult with an Attorney

After a motorcycle accident, it is important to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. A lawyer will be able to protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

An attorney can also handle all of the paperwork and negotiations with the insurance company so that you can focus on your recovery. Also, if the other driver was intoxicated, an attorney can help you file a dram shop claim against the establishment that served them.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident with an intoxicated driver, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your rights. Call the police, seek medical attention, and document the incident. You should also get the other driver’s information and consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.