Many people like to ride motorcycles. The sense of freedom you get from the wind whipping past you is exhilarating. Some individuals have one as their primary transportation option, while others only ride occasionally.

The biker life can be a lot of fun, but it’s also potentially dangerous. There is an inherent risk to being that exposed to the world, particularly the pavement that goes shooting past you at high velocity.

Still, motorcycles are legal vehicles, and they deserve the same recognition and respect as cars and trucks. If you were riding your motorcycle and a car hit you, then you have your rights.


Let’s talk about what those are.

You Have the Right to Sue

Unfortunately, fatal motorcycle accidents are fairly common. They can happen because of:

• Bad weather
• Unfavorable road conditions
• Other vehicles not paying attention


If you were in an accident because another vehicle hit you, then you have the right to bring legal action against them, just as would be the case if you were driving a car.

There is justification in bringing legal action against the other driver if they were negligent in what happened. If they weren’t paying attention when they struck you, and they caused you physical or emotional harm, then you will probably have a strong case. You’ll need to consult with a lawyer and explain what happened, and they will let you know the best way to proceed.

You Can Call Witnesses on Your Behalf

If anyone saw the accident, you have the right to call them to testify on your behalf. They might have seen something like:

• The circumstances in which the accident occurred
• Whether your version of events is what took place
• Any additional details that might prove or disprove your case


You can only call witnesses if anyone stuck around after the accident, and you got their personal information. That person might be a fellow motorist or a passing pedestrian.

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If any other motorcycle riders were with you when the incident occurred, you might want your lawyer to call them to the stand if you think they can help.

You Have the Right to Collect on a Judgment in Your Favor

If there is a judgment in your favor, then you have the right to collect on it under the law. The settlement amount will vary depending on many factors.

For instance, if you were severely hurt, then you might sue the other party for an amount that will cover your medical bills. You might factor in the money you would be making from work if you can’t go to your regular job.


You also might add on some more for pain and suffering. Your distress might be psychological, physical, or both. It’s not out of the question for you to contract PTSD resulting from a car hitting your motorcycle.

You Have the Right to Whatever Money is Due from Your Insurance Policy

There are different insurance policies that motorcycle riders can have. You might have a more extensive policy, or a cheaper, more bare-bones one.

If you have collision insurance, then you should be able to collect on that, particularly if the vehicle that hit you was in the wrong. You can use that money to repair damage to your motorcycle. You might also use the money for things like medical bills.

In some cases, you may have to prove to your insurance company what happened, if the facts are confusing. Some companies are good about paying what’s due, while others might try to drag their feet a little.

Car Accident insurance

In those instances, it is once again in your favor to locate witnesses to what took place. Their testimony might mean that you collect that insurance money quicker, and you may sorely need it.

The accident might rattle you. If you can, though, try to document what took place as much as possible. Take lots of pictures if you have a cell phone handy.

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You can try to locate witnesses, either pedestrians or passing drivers. Get names and phone numbers. You might also use testimony from first responders who arrive at the scene shortly after what took place.

police accident 911 ambulance

The more documentation, the better it will be for you, especially if you feel strongly that the other driver was in the wrong. As a motorcycle rider, you have all the same rights as if your preferred transportation method was a car or truck. Don’t ever forget that.