Selfie museums are starting to pop up all over the country. With Instagram becoming ever more popular, these museums are starting to take off. What type of business is a selfie museum though?

Instagram Museums Are Taking Off

A selfie museum, otherwise known as an Instagram museum, is designed to provide an epic selfie experience for its customers. Due to this, it is known as an experiential commerce business.

The entire museum consists of different backgrounds and props that people can use to pose with in order to take pictures of selfies to later be posted on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Most museums feature different themes and ideas within their gallery for visitors to choose from. That way, no matter what selfie museum you go to, you are likely to have a unique experience.

Influencers Love Selfie Museums

Instagram influencers have the power to alter their followers’ purchasing decisions. Due to this, they often get paid by brands to take pictures with their products. However, in order to get to influencer status, they first need to gain a bunch of followers by posting creative photos.


To do this, many individuals have started to turn to selfie museums to up their selfie game. By doing so, they can grow their Instagram following and reach influencer status.

Selfie Museums Love Influencers

Not only do influencers benefit from selfie museums, but selfie museums also benefit from influencers. Every time an influencer takes a picture in a selfie museum and gains thousands of likes on it, thousands of people are seeing the selfie museum. Since influencers influence people’s buying decisions, lots of people will decide to go experience that selfie museum for themselves.


Selfie Museums Run On Social Media

What it all adds up to is that selfie museums are businesses that are completely centered around social media. They gain traction through influencers and influencers benefit from having them.

The sole purpose of a selfie museum is to provide social media content creators an epic scenery to take pictures that will boost their likes, engagements, and followers.