Immersive View in Zoom makes it possible to see everyone in attendance at a meeting together in one shared virtual space. This feature is available in Zoom version 5.6.3 and later. Meeting coordinators can browse Zoom Immersive View templates to find the right background to leverage for building team culture. Here are a few ways that shared Immersive View backgrounds and virtual offices for video calls and conferences can strengthen team culture while members are working remotely.


Benefits of Immersive View Backgrounds

There are a number of benefits of using Zoom Immersive View. Even if your organization has hosted remote meetings for years, Immersive View can offer a fresh perspective on otherwise routine virtual gatherings. To access Immersive View, start a meeting or webinar as a host. In the top-right corner, go to “View” and select “Immersive View.” Place meeting participants manually or automatically.

In addition to the benefits of gathering meeting participants in one shared virtual space, meeting organizers can also create and use custom scenes for one-on-one calls or smaller meetings. Once you have access to virtual office backgrounds, it is not difficult to customize background scenes for Immersive View. There are also ways to customize Zoom backgrounds for smaller meetings or video calls and solutions for mirroring backgrounds in Teams and Google Meet.

Where To Create Yours

If you want to create a Zoom virtual office background for use in standard or Immersive View, you should be aware of the tools that exist. You can get started with Immersive View Backgrounds by choosing from a limited selection of virtual office designs such as cinema, classroom, dining room, lounge, meeting room or open space.

If you want to choose from options for premium offices or you need multiple user licenses for virtual office backgrounds, it is worthwhile to get a full virtual office package. Based on the service you use, you may be able to display or mirror backgrounds in any major meeting and collaboration software.

More Ways To Build Team Culture

Having meetings in Immersive View can help to bring remote workers together as a team. Even though these meetings are still virtual, the concept of shared space can help to keep everyone attentive and increase the amount of face time for employees during meetings compared to a meeting setup that cycles between active speakers and other settings.

As long as every participant in a meeting can either meet or work around Zoom virtual background system requirements, there are many effective icebreakers and team-building activities that teams can do remotely. It is worthwhile for managers to ensure that every participant can benefit from Immersive View scenes and branded virtual office backgrounds for meetings or calls.

An Immersive View background is an easy way for companies to test the waters of the metaverse. The ability for managers and team members to see each others faces in the context of a shared virtual space chosen by meeting organizers can both reinforce team culture and keep members focused during meetings.