Ever working as a fire-fighter an intense job done by many people is itself a different experience. It provides an amazing opportunity to start one’s own small businesses. You can easily earn an impressive amount of income on the side from Side Hustles as entrepreneur Firefighters. For maximizing your income you can start your own business. The opening of any business can be tricky in its initial stages but once it steams out than it will provide you a big flow of money that you have not even expected.

Lucrative Side Hustles for Firefighters

1.  Fixed Asset Documentation Company

This is one of the interesting business for Fire-fighters. This is a business where pictures are taken of the people’s assets in case of fire or some other emergency. People get their insurance only when they enlist the things that are damaged or lost.

But sometimes people forget or don’t know what they have lost and this creates many problems for them while getting a replacement from the insurance company. So the fixed asset documentation company works on the behalf of insurance company, they will pay for going to the spot and collecting the images. The start-up cost is very less. You can start working in a short time and even it doesn’t require much time.

2.  A Safety Consultation Company

This is a great choice to opt for a small business, in this business people hire you for their buildings inspection and to know potential fire hazards. Such a business can pay you a good amount for your service in a dry climate area. This business will succeed very nicely if you have good networking outside.

3.  Courses and Training

Your skills as a fire-fighter are one of the best assets that you can put as a small business. While joining and even during this job you must have gone through different training courses and this set of your learned skills can be profitable for you if you use it to make others learn all this. You must know the way you should market your skills to the right people. Courses & training type of business will give you passive income for long time.

You can give the training from hand on the environment or through online basis. Fire-fighters have lots of training about fitness training, basic medical skills, heavy machinery and much more. It’s up to you what you want to give for the course.

4.  A Product-Based Business

This is a risky and challenging business option. It is because products require years for their research, development, funding, marketing and so on. While developing a product you must know what the people want.

As part of the emergency response industry, you might be aware of a product that you and your co-workers need – something that would make your jobs a lot easier. This business can be very profitable if you have good skills in a brainwave.

5.  A Fireproofing Business

This business is quite similar to the consulting business, here you actually have to provide the solution to the problems. This business has a lot of workloads but ultimately this is also the reason that you can earn heavy wages.

This is an ideal business for fire-fighters and it has a huge potential to succeed. People trust fire-fighters for advice and help to fireproof their homes. This trust from the people can easily be used for your profit.

6.  The Restoration Business

Business to help restore and repair the damages is definitely one of the involved small business ideas that seems tailor-made for a fire-fighter. This business is very much flexible, you can on the restoration of a house for whatever hour you will please.

It’s also easy for Fire-fighters to start this business as a lot of equipment required to restore and reshape the damaged house are there with them already. The only problem here is that you might require a certificate for opening this business.

7.  A Fitness Training Company

No doubt fire-fighters are very fit as they are trained to carry and operate heavy equipment and sometimes they have to take out heavy people out from the fire. Fire-fighters constantly train and stay in peak physical condition and they know how to really work hard when it comes to fitness.

So you can start a fitness training camp to train and help people to be physically fit. Once you get enough clients this can be one of the profitable business for you and this business even don’t require much cost.


There are a lot of profitable opportunities to earn more income every month. People from this line of work already have the desire and drive that makes entrepreneurs succeed. Now, you only have to do is to channel the winning mentality. Article contributed by Hari babu from MashLoud!