It is challenging to develop a successful online business! The fully automated and working trade models also witness growing pains similar to any offline business. However, the truth is, creating an eCommerce business is challenging because the company has to depend on third-party providers for software and web-hosting solutions. Any marketer or business owner will share that selecting the ideal web hosting service provider will be the game-changer. It will help in enhancing business performance and customer experience.

Michael Giannulis mentions the essential features to consider in a web hosting platform


There is no need to get scared thinking about the dangers of a lousy quality hosting service. Instead, it is essential to consider the necessary factors and choose the best web hosting platform. Michael Giannulis mentions some of the crucial features of a good web hosting platform.

  1. Optimal storage and bandwidth

Is yours an online start-up business? If yes, you might get overwhelmed by the features and technical terms essential to selecting a web hosting platform. Bandwidth and storage are a crucial aspect of a web hosting solution. The storage space is the overall space that the hosting solution provides your website. It acts as a virtual filing cabinet that caters to every storage requirement. The ideal web hosting platform will give apt storage space and will enable you to upgrade and downgrade the storage size depending on the business need.

On the other hand, bandwidth is essential and indicates the speed and amount of data transfer between your business website and online visitors. The bandwidth impacts page-loading rates and email access, sending speeds, and website backup.

  1. Reliability and 99.9% uptime

A web hosting platform that assures you 99.9% uptime is the best option for you! It means that the web hosting service provider will not allow the business website to stay offline for more than 45 minutes in a month. The downtime is something that no business owner wants, as that adversely affects their online business. When a business website is up and running, it is catering to customer needs and also generating high ranks in SERPs and revenue. If you join hands with a reliable web hosting solution provider, you can get 99.9% uptime.

  1. Scalability

Every online marketing initiatives will pay off eventually by getting you more online users. However, it would help determine whether the web hosting solution package is scalable to cater to your new business needs. You need to join hands with a web hosting solution provider that can scale up and down based on the business changes and growth. It would help if you moved away from service providers who have vague claims of unlimited resources and don’t keep their promise.

  1. The domain management tools

As your business website is up and running, you will require a wide range of domain management tools to stay in the best shape. These tools will allow you to edit or change the name servers when you change the web hosting service provider. It is also essential to access the website’s DNS records to set-up third-party services and sub-domains.

Once you have these four features in place, you automatically join hands with the best web hosting service provider.