Automated package lockers are a relatively new system in logistics. But in recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in them for the benefit they bring to the business. They are essential services that facilitate online ordering and shipping services. There is a steady increase in college, hospital, office, commercial and multi-household supplies. Terminals with wheels accurately help end-users receive faster, cheaper, and more secure.

Benefits of using package storage lockers

There are numerous reasons why clients use bundle storage spaces, yet the greatest fascination is that they are more advantageous and less expensive than home conveyance. Customers want to use these click-and-cash solutions not only as a last-mile delivery option but also as a way to manage returns. In some cases if package stolen happens then the retailer is responsible for this. Here are five ways Package Locker can help you gain a competitive advantage and provide your customers with the best shopping experience.

Seven Benefits Of Renting A Storage Facility For Your Business

  1. Package lockers provide free and convenient shipping and return processes.

Your customers want a fast and efficient way to receive and return their items, and package lockers provide it. Clients enter the one-time PIN or QR code they got in an email or SMS message to open the package storage entryway and recover their request.

And returns are just as easy. Customers label the package with a return label, scan the label at the Package Locker Station, and then place the package in an open locker.

This allows customers to receive and return the merchandise at their convenience and retailers to process return orders at the right time.

  1. Place package lockers inside and outside the store.

Many retailers have package lockers in their front doors or physical stores. This gives the customer additional in-store shipping options, but retailers report that in-store traffic will increase when the customer receives the item. If you are not at home when your package arrives and you missed deliveries then you can use package locker services. Currently, 49% of shoppers participate in show rooming, and customers visit stores to buy products online.

  1. Customize your package locker with your brand and composition to suit your needs.

By incorporating a logo and colour palette, you can extend your brand to package lockers. This helps build up the brand while directing customers to package lockers. You can also confirm the package locker station to include different sizes to accommodate all customer orders.

  1. Reduce shipping costs.

Shippers are increasing costs each year, and 82% of shoppers feel that shipping costs are too high, so retailers need to find a last-mile delivery solution that lowers everyone’s costs. One such solution is the package locker. Instead of shipping thousands of small orders to each customer, we use our transportation or store inventory to deliver the customer’s orders to the onsite package locker station.

  1. Receive robust reports to determine your return on investment.

Providing package lockers is an additional benefit to customers, but is it worth the investment? Package Locker provides reports and metrics on several KPIs to assess performance and ROI and the need for additional Package Locker Stations. The report shows package locker station occupancy, sales, pick-up time, package size, and more.

Purcell lockers attract all kinds of customers. From the younger generation, families and retired couples, these buyers do more than use them for comfort. To avoid missed deliveries, use package lockers option so that things can receive on time at the desired address. Therefore, take advantage of package lockers to improve your customer experience ahead of your competitors.

Various dedicated lockers and their uses

Mail / Package Box- the mailbox plays an important role in keeping the delivered goods safe and then collected by the mailbox owner. This storage unit facilitates the convenient and secure distribution of letters and packages by increasing the adequacy of space in your mailbox.

Police Lockers: These types of storage units are specially designed with paramedics in mind. They are suitable for all huge police equipment, including stab vests, boots, riot control equipment, helmets and weapons of all sizes. A unique feature it has is a compartment with a top shelf and a double coat track.

In addition, all police storage cabinets are finished with antibacterial powder-coated door colours to eliminate the risk of harmful microorganisms. All of these properties make it durable, versatile and fully functional.

Low Access Locker-This type of storage unit is ideal for elementary and junior high school students and is also useful for disabled users. Wheelchair users with disabilities can easily access and store their belongings without resorting to others. We store everything from sports equipment, clothing, and electronic devices to art supplies safely and conveniently. With double coat tracks, low shelves and raised base shelves, it is comfortable and easy to use for children and people with disabilities.

PPE Locker: PPE stands for personal protective equipment and includes special clothing and equipment worn by people working in various industries such as catering, chemical work, fire fighting, mining and construction. PPE clothing includes protective gloves, helmets, face masks, steel toe boots, protective jackets and capes. This storage unit is a must where employees must wear PPE uniforms. In addition, many work environments require PPE storage units to be provided

How safe are lockers?

While some businesses and consumers may not recognize automated devices as a sufficiently secure delivery system, their consumption increases globally, undoubtedly, after personally testing your way of working, many commercial industries and consumers are partnering with these technologies.

Despite self-service, the package locker is a safe place to store your luggage. To avoid package stolen event, it is good to receive goods by packages lockers services. Video surveillance equipment is specially designed to limit vandalism such as theft. In addition, the material of each terminal is special and very reliable and can be used for bad weather and paint prevention.

Each access to the locker is done using a special PIN code. Only through your knowledge can you look inside and store your cargo in a safe place. Additional protection is also insurance for the products offered by the company.

In addition to safety, you get lower shipping costs for faster delivery. Even those who frequently send large numbers of emails can get even better deals for more shipping preferences.