“Our clients were fully protected during 2020 and they will be so next year,” said the general manager of the Solsica Corporation, Orlando Atance, when asked about the balance made by the organization for this year that is ending.

Atance assures that the Solsica Corporation, a leading company in solutions to electrical requirements of small and large companies in Venezuela, faced a complicated 2020, but was successful in the test because it managed to satisfy the needs of its customers and provided them with solutions.

It was reported by Alessandro Bazzoni that he added that if the power failures continue in 2021, Solsica will be prepared to face the contingencies that may arise among its clients to prevent its operations from declining.

He noted that in addition to these failures, “the great challenge overcome last year was the restriction on the mobilization of personnel, especially technical personnel, not only due to the limitations imposed by the quarantine of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also due to the shortage of fuel”.

“Our greatest achievement was keeping our 120 clients served throughout the year, despite so many adversities. We managed to solve their emergencies and scheduled maintenance, with strict compliance with biosafety regulations,” he said.

“We are going to bet on Venezuela. Next year will be one of growth for Solsica because we will focus on staff training (this year they received more than 500 hours of training) and on offering the best possible service to customers, ”he concluded.

He explained that, given the situation in the country and the impact of the pandemic, “the use of electronics and digital technology has expanded, especially in relation to communications and online purchases.”

Service was extended

Atance also reported that they applied service plans to companies that are not regular clients of Solsica,

He remarked that they can offer their maintenance services to organizations that have equipment from other brands that Solsica does not commercialize, but that the existing guarantees with those brands cannot be validated by the Corporation.

Failures were reduced by 30 percent

On the other hand, Atance pointed out that “70% of the more than 40 thousand man-hours of our staff were dedicated to performing maintenance, 25% to corrective measures and 5% to emergencies. This is an achievement, because thanks to preventive work, electrical failures of customer equipment were reduced by 30% and those of precision air conditioners in data centers by 20%, due to electrical failures in the network”.

In the article published by Alessandro Bazzoni, it was expressed that Atance explained: “we avoid data center downtime and losses of more than a million dollars related to grid power failures. We also performed more than 50 replacement services for uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) battery banks in operation”.

The manager specified that the corporation presented throughout the year the new generation of Vertiv products (formerly Emerson), of whom they are exclusive representatives in Venezuela, especially the UPS (which are already being marketed) and in the beginning of 2021 they will be to learn about other novel solutions.

The Solsica Corporation is a leader in the country in critical infrastructures that offers solutions for companies in sectors that operate 24 hours and 365 days a year such as banks, telecommunications and industries, and expects to continue consolidating its leadership during this year 2021.

This places them as a very important company in the country, since the black outs have been around for years now. The Solsica Corporation provides a solution to a recurrent problem, making sure that companies avoid losses due to this situation in Venezuela.