We would like to introduce Go-Go car, the latest ride sharing startup.  Go-Go car aims to provide a platform where you can offer a ride anywhere in Egypt and find people that want to go to the same place as you.

Building this platform not only helps people get to where they want to be but also helps the environment and traffic issue in Egypt. The owners are in the last stages of developing their travel social ridesharing application called Go-Go Car.

When you rideshare with people you don’t know it might be uncomfortable at first but there is no reason to fear anymore, we have the drivers information (valid id, driver’s license, Facebook, email and phone number).

Also you too could be a driver, this is all about starting to trust one another and build a sense of communal sharing.

GOGOCAR2Egypt is one of the most polluted countries in the world and this is due to several factors. There is an abundance of cars, and this causes the traffic we see everyday and in turn depletes Earths’ natural supplies.

In order to make a change we need to have a cultural revolution that supports start ups like Go-go car and other initiatives that try to challenge some of these issues.

As much as traffic affects our daily lives, it is important to factor in the health issues that come with that. Transportation is the most notable source of the small particles in air pollution, so by decreasing the amount of cars on the streets we can be saving lives.

GOGOCAR1Go-go car is an app created to solve a dire problem in Egypt. When you ask people what one of the downfalls of Egypt is, traffic comes up a lot. To tackle this problem they’ve developed an app that connects people to each other when traveling within Egypt.

Go-go car is a carpooling app designed to benefit both the driver and passenger creating an economical and social travel experience. As passengers, you’d be able to find a ride to your desired location at a lower cost. If you are traveling and happen to have space in your car, then offer a ride with Go-Go Car and drive people to the destination you’re both going to.

In the app you get to choose your smoking, music and speed preferences to connect you with the most suitable ride. Go-Go Car is also introducing a ladies only feature and expects to launch in their free app in both iOS and Android stores in early August.