Boxes were only meant to provide safety, security, and protection during shipping and storage in the retail markets. New trends have evolved that are making these boxes to be used as tools of marketing and advertising. There are many types of containers in use by product-oriented industries. One of the most trendy and famous forms of packaging is the use of luxury apparel boxes. These boxes are used to enhance the value of the product in terms of cost. Businesses find it profitable to use these containers. Time changes everything, and it is changing the new ways of using these containers. Several different design formats are used in today’s date to enhance user interaction with the product and to enhance the streams of profits and revenues.

Why Packaging Need?

The packaging is the foremost way of securing and enhancing customer attraction towards the provision of products by businesses. Every business needs to manufacture apparel gift boxes to increase the rate of customer attraction towards their products. Apparel products include various items from basic to luxury. Basic items of apparel include underwear, trousers, vests, etc. and the luxury items include alligator skin shoes, bags, etc. Moreover, the apparel industry is a vast industry that deals in clothing, accessories, and footwear. It is vital for organizations dealing in these products to have appropriate packaging types and techniques to increase the customer traffic towards products and to enhance the streams of profits for the company.

How Market Looks Apparel Packaging?

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Following the trends is the only way to have competence in the market, and un-following them can easily make your business go bankrupt. Leaving yourself behind is not the key to success, following them or setting benchmarks for others to follow is the key to unleash maximum returns from customer attraction and sales. Some trends for businesses to adopt before moving forward with their style of custom apparel boxes are as follows:

Gradients that outshine

Color choices excite customers and designers. It gives a possibility and a chance for designers to offer a fresh and new look to the packaging. These containers demand the feeling of freshness to be unique and energizing. One of the best examples to look at is nature; it never gets old looking at the scenic beauty of the world.

However, color choices and the use of appropriate gradients offer enhanced packages, but they also look amazing in digitalized formatting. Many large companies like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, etc. embrace this type of packaging colors to enhance the value of their products. Moreover, the brand worth and value among consumers can easily increase using bright notions of colors.

Vintage look

One of the most popular and trending looks for 2020 is the retro aesthetic packaging. These designs are popular for apparel products as well as other products like drinks and food. Moreover, the vintage packaging is not trending since this year or the previous. It has been trending for a long time now. As there is no age to feel young, the vintage designs offer the “old is gold” look and benefits.

The main reason for the increased demand of vintage containers is that they portray authenticity. It helps to enhance the feel of products, and it ensures the credibility of a brand offering it. Other than the use of fonts in a retro look, a rising trend of illustrations and graphics can also be seen in the coming years.

Black and white – A new age

Remember how watching television in the ’90s felt? Every picture was in black and white until the age of modernization arrived with color pallets in the pictures. Old look and feel are always cherished by the young generation, and it looks cool too. The use of black and white themes for custom luxury boxes can be seen massively in the coming trends. These design formats are impossible to ignore after the first or the last interaction, as they never get old.

8-bit designs

Do you remember playing games in the late 90s and early 2000s? These games had a pixelated look, and it is the most retro design of all other vintage looks. It is not considered vintage, as this design format is considered the start of modernization in the game industry. However, this format never gets old and has no expiry date. Therefore, it can always be considered as a rising trend.

Images for these graphical printing are edited into pixels that are distorted in a way that the meaning of the picture can be known. However, some people consider these designs as constraints for packaging boxes. Moreover, the hard edges, pure fields of colors, and straight lines are easily accessible to consumers. The use of apparel boxes with logo of this kind can stand the brand out on top of its competitors.

Free of plastics

An ongoing trend that is continuing to grow on a global level is the use of plastic-free boxes and packages. The adverse effects of global warming are the main issue of using these containers. Consumers are easily targeted using green packaging techniques as it provides a way for everyone to take part in saving Earth.

However, papers and cardboards add too much wastage following the plastics and glass. There are ways to use biodegradable material like Kraft and Bux Boards to manufacture the apparel boxes wholesale. Freeing the packaging from the plastic can instantly switch your normal container to a luxury box. Therefore, not using plastic is considered the best way to step up the game of your business in setting benchmarks and trends.