Many small and big business leaders alike didn’t see the pandemic coming. It was an iceberg, tucked out of sight, just waiting to sink the ship of your dreams into the ocean. Since the advent of COVID was sudden, it didn’t give business owners enough time to adapt or make appropriate changes to their policies, causing a sudden spark of panic that spread like wildfire all around. As the economy plummeted, many businesses could barely break even. The lack of vaccine, with growing numbers of COVID cases, added more to an already full plate of many business owners.

It is crucial to understand that till a more practical and permanent solution is found, no one can guess when things will go back to normal, and it’s unfortunate to say that the pandemic is here to stay for the next few years. It is only smart to get yourself out of panic mode and start developing strategies to work around a messy situation and reap the same benefits as you once did before. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through everything, so start taking notes.


Give Discounts On Your Bestselling Products

If you can tell a customer that they can save money on a product, you will automatically have their attention. That’s all you need because increased awareness leads to increased traffic and, ultimately, increased sales.

It seems quite counterintuitive to what you’ve got in mind, but this will certainly work. To explain better, let’s look at one business that acts as a perfect example. Zoom primarily offered its facilities in the Western countries, highly focused on professional use only. Since the pandemic, Zoom has branched out to many Asian countries. For instance, it is now used in virtual offices in Singapore. It also serves as a home for children of all ages for their online classes. You can find Zoom users now in almost every household. In just a couple of weeks, the number of total users went from 10 million to around 200 million globally, and soon other businesses like Microsoft Team and hangouts followed their footsteps.

Much like Zoom, many e-learning websites offered their courses either for free or at low prices for a couple of weeks to get enough traffic to their website. It immediately got them a hefty load of new customers who will probably stick with them for a long time.


It would help if you decided which products or services can be discounted for a certain period to attract your target audience, and with the right style of advertising, you’ll have a swarm of new customers in no time.

Collaborate Strategically

There are many sides to a business, and it’s challenging to be perfect at all of them. Hence, the ideal way to compensate for it and turn it into a profit is to collaborate with other businesses that would complement and make up for your weaknesses better. It isn’t just right for small companies but multi-million dollar companies as well. Big companies like Facebook have partnered with and invested in a couple of different companies since the pandemic. It’s a pretty smart strategy; you need to figure out where to spend.

Understanding Current Market Trends Can Save You in the Long Run

Market trends are now somewhat difficult to predict or fully grasp, but if you take a breather and spend some time doing your research, seeing how other businesses are adapting could be advantageous.

The current landscape of the market all over the world is somewhat similar. Now businesses are solely looking at what makes their target audience happy and providing for that specific demand. It can also help get to know your target audience better to branch out and see what similar products or services they would appreciate. It will help if you optimize your strategy according to them.


Maybe your business can provide more services than you initially thought or can be available remotely even further than you realized before. An easy way to confirm whether you’re right is through surveys. There is also going to be a definite loss if you boost your production and burn through your supplies only for a mere temporary demand, especially according to the Association of Supply Chain Management. The sooner you grasp the marketplace, you’ll be in much better hands during the pandemic and able to capitalize on it once it’s over.

Analyzing the damage

Being the head of a company, you should be doing this once a few months, but it is critical, especially now during the pandemic, since many small businesses have failed to cope. Take some time out to get a detailed analysis of your business, see which costs you can easily cut out and which expenses are avoidable. If you’ve done your market research and think that it would work in your favor to invest, trust your gut, and go with it, business is nothing without a little risk. Just remember that the trick is to work as efficiently as possible, so your quality remains top-notch. Cut the extra out and invest more in making your current services even better.


work from home COVID-19

It’s hard to say precisely when everything will go back to normal or how severe future protocols maybe, but the impact of Covid-19 can make it hard to recover from the damage if you don’t act now. Take advantage of the time and resources you have, so you’re fully prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.