With time, everyone has started understanding the fact that doing a regular job can not make enough money to fulfill all of your requirements but also have to set up a side business to generate maximum revenue. The business can be of various types like real estate, shopping stores, restaurants or even a cafe where you can offer your services as per the demand of the customers to make yourself financially grow.

Cafe Dubai

Dubai is the center of attention these days because of its business-free environment, little or no tax like VAT and many other simple and easy conditions to start a business. Starting a business is hectic because it requires much time, research, and investment of course but if you plan this all with good strategy keeping in mind all the factors that are essential to the growth of the business you can become a millionaire.

If you are planning to set up a cafe or restaurant in Dubai you can hire the expert team of Cafe design and architecture or Cafe interior design Dubai to have the best strategies while planning od start your cafe. Here are some of the important factors related to the cost of opening up a cafe in Dubai.

  • Ideas about initial costs:

It’s complicated to take ideas about the initial cost of opening up a cafe because this all may vary depending on the location of your cafe, what is the size of the place, what kind of cafe you want

to make, furnishings and interior so even experts can give you a random idea that costs will be between these figures so it will be easy to plan everything according to the estimated value. A simple coffee shop with proper sitting arrangements can cost up to $200,000- $ 375,00, a larger space as compared to a simple coffee shop will be having an estimated cost of around about

$ 80,000- $ 200,000, the small kiosk can cost up to $25000 – $75,000 and if you want to open a store having license then it may cost you $315,000 so all these estimated values depend on the different categories of coffee shop you want to open up.

  • Looking for accessories:

Accessories can be of a different kind like you need a coffee machine for making coffee, tables, sofas and chairs for sitting spaces, counter, crockery, any entertainment item, decorations, furnishings, interior and all those things that are essential for opening up a cafe you can search about all this or you can ask you, the interior design team. The random idea about coffee making machine is that you can buy it for $ 25,000_$15,000 so you have to plan every according to the budget.

  • Monthly costs:

Monthly costs also have a long list like you have to pay rent every month on time, then the salaries of staff, electricity or any other expenses these all are fixed you have to keep these all in mind apart from the fixed costs of building and interior or purchasing accessories. In contrast to this many other costs may vary month to month the expenses of used products that you have been using while making coffee or serving it so will depend on the customers every month you have in your coffee shop.

  • Tips to attract customers:

There can be many tips to attract the customers like you have to sell your unique coffee with exceptional taste do not try to copy anyone else because it will make you grow and you will be able to launch your brand one day like Starbucks etc. You may offer some trendy snacks, cupcakes or biscuits including bakery items all these can help you grow your customers within less time, offer them a clean, noise-free environment so they can relax there plus if they want to conduct any official meetings so they can.

Make sure that the productivity of your workers are up to the mark because it’s vital to your success. Provide them with everything that can increase their efficiency and productivity like easy to use kitchen etc. There must be a special focus on the lighting, sitting arrangements, decorations, interior and above all comfort, relaxation because this is the way to attract customers and to convert them into your long-term clients.


These are estimated costs and some tips regarding setting up a coffee shop in Dubai, the values can be flexible once you decide to turn your dreams into reality. Always take help from interior designers as they know how to set up anyplace according to the expectations of the customers. So hire experts from Coffeeshop interiors, architecture, and design Dubai to make your journey smooth and easygoing.