What will Higher Education Look like in 2020?


The world is evolving and the mind set of people are changing. Many new trends have persuaded the educators to respond to these movements.

From the past decades, technology has made a U-turn in the learning and teaching system. With AI software invading the classroom, setting the learning atmosphere has transformed schools and colleges into a digitalized area.

The question arises what makes the higher education adopt this change? What will it be like in 2020?

The world will reconsider what education will be in the next five years to take the students to? Will the importance of education increase more? The future predicts the educators will take interest in what is inside of students’ lunch to why be college degree so important.

Higher education

Here we debate about whether the criteria be different from today or will shift towards more advanced level.

Table of Contents

  • Views on how will education turn its way around.
  • Evolving of visualised educational patterns.
  • Transformation drive people mind not technology.
  • Global interaction will be trend.
  • A shift to diversification of skilled based programs.
  • Future predictions.

Views on how will education turn its way around

Some debate upon how higher education will turn its way around more quickly as it seems and some predicts that it will not make any difference. As education works in a slower process and a shift to these changes will take time to adopt in such environment. They believe that education sector is in a static approach where adoption will not affect the overall system; it will take a lot of time. According to article writing services, the education sector will be transform to adoptive and E-Learning platform where students and teachers can have full benefit of it.

39% people response 60% response
The transformation in education will create challenges such as learning will become as premium as gold. Other believes that, online platforms will raise new criteria to learn in a cheaper way.
The digitalised platform will promote automation and unbiased degree programs. Technology driven expanded knowledge of the world, decrease in gender roles.
The respondents are scared by the fact that, only rich people will be able to experience personalised learning with a technology touch. Other believes the learning will encompasses certain traits and benefits.it will widen the economic learning standard.
The distance learning has created a disconnected learning atmosphere where impersonlised tactics will be preferred. The distance learning will favor improvised communication tactic. And the gap between other countries will be filled time to time.

Evolving of visualised educational patterns

The university campus of all countries and cities will evolve to a digitalised platform where learning will take place throughout the campus. The classroom setting will be unrecognisable like what it was in 2019. The teaching style will be changed into more diversified approach where white and black board be transformed into a electronic devices. The text books and information displayed will be presented in a wireless 3d displayed virtual screen that pictures the content as if they are in it. The thesis writing service is guiding students for their research writing through AI software which will help them in many ways.

Today, AI and VR very much have invaded the classrooms of schools but the idea of digital education still in progress and need time till 2020 if changed.

Transformation drive people mind not technology

Well, today parents and teacher as well as students are exploring the ways of injecting information, learning that can be fun and intellectual. With that been said, people need to change, broaden their mind set and accept what is being offered. We cannot stop technology invade in our life, the educators need to understand what is beneficial for the rest of the society and adopt what has being coming over.

We see universities are being the driving force to implement change and have reacted to the wide spread learning. The online institutes delivering and prospering knowledge globally is the strong evidence of transformation is started. In 2020, we will see more transformation efforts from other educators and will impact an evolutionary change through other channels.

Global interaction will be trend

We see many schools and higher educational institutes are still not civilised. The technology innovation does not mean people will inject IPad and smart devices in the classroom. But to adapt and explore the benefit of E-leaning, how tech education has create a new teaching standard. It has been predicted that in 2020, the internet accessibility will be given to 3 billion people of developing world.

In 2020, the wall of classroom will not be only learning platform for grasping knowledge. However, students will expand their horizon to interact with other students of the world. This can make them become a great professor, scientist and influencers.

A shift to diversification of skilled based programs

The 2020, we will see diversification of offered courses. The shift to more competency program will become a backbone for educators. As workforce need a skillful and talented individual who not only is knowledgeable in his/her own qualification but adhere technical skills. In most of the cases this piece of document (degree) just gives you knowledge and is an evidence of spending XXX years in college. In the future skill based learning will be injected in schools and universities. The skills based courses will not only teach us traditional content but manifest our critical skills and interacting with one and other for professional knowledge is a part of education.

It has been said that jobs of 2020 will require post-secondary education which should be 65%.

Future predictions

2020 is about to knock on to our door steps what will it take us to who knows. Let’s see how people will shape their self with the technology eruption. What new challenges will be waiting for us to tackle it in a wiser way? 2020 will be more global and international, the internet users has grown with 3.49 million where most of the searches are done of mobile phones. While most internet traffics are produced from the smart phones in 2022 59% will be the owners of smart phones. With that been predicted so, the AI tutors will be the rise of education technology.