Data is an essential part of an organization. Every single document that we possess in our office bears a value more than our imagination. A page that we dispose of today may cost you tomorrow due to various reasons that’s why the concept of archives exists.

Any file that you don’t need in routine gets into the archive so that you can easily retrieve when needed, and is disposed of only when you are cent percent sure about its uselessness.

Now, the question arises that you have to choose your office premises for data archiving or hire a professional company for it. The choice is yours; however, I am sharing some undeniable facts for you to make a better decision. Let us find why hiring a professional data archiving company is important.

1. Reliability

A professional data archiving company is reliable in terms of handing over private and confidential physical records of your organization. A company housed by professional data experts knows the importance of your official documents that is why they leave no stone unturned in guarding them. They have standard operating procedures for accessing the premises and set multiple authorization checks to ensure the authorized personnel only access the data.

Your in-house storekeeper may not even bother indexing the files in order for quick retrieval as they are often assigned such duties without considering their skills, competence, and interest. For them, it is a job, but for a professional company, it is a duty that has to be fulfilled with honesty and sincerity.

2. Competence & Skills

Every job demands the possession of a specific skill set. Managing data also requires the basic skills of understanding different documents, evaluating its significance for the organization, and deciding over disposing of the data.

Back a decade, managing files in a storeroom was considered a skill, but the recent surge in technology, data has become a science that offers various interactive solutions for storing and archiving office records. A professional data archiving company is required to help you plan to secure your data at private and safe premises.

3. Affordability

Archiving your office documents on-site is an expensive deal. You have to start to buy vaults, allot space for them, install CCTV cameras, hire security guards, carry fumigation, set fire and burglar alarms, etc.

For every single security measure, you have to pay separately, which collectively become a bigger budget. On the other hand, a professional records management company in Pakistan can offer all the services at a nominal cost as they have a centralized facility, which divides the cost to an affordable limit.

4. Devising data archiving strategy

A business that grows with the passage of time amasses data. A small accountancy firm that has been a few clients in its first year may be dealing with more than a hundred clients in only 2 years. The firm may need to keep their financial records, sales tax returns, and income tax returns for all the clients over a specific period.

Not every single file is required on a daily basis so they have to plan to archive it, but they are unable to plan it perfectly well. A professional data archiving company can help them move the inactive files to a safe space, dispose of the unwanted documents, and digitize their existing records. Based on the nature of their business and available resources they can plan to use cloud servers too for data archiving.

5. Commercial Equipment

An office may usually own a printer and scanner that are often used at homes with personal computers for the routine tasks. One cannot utilize such basic equipment for scanning and digitizing the entire physical record, and purchasing commercial equipment for the one-off activity is not a smart investment.

However, professional companies are into the business that is why they have all the commercial and advanced equipment for digitizing files in bulk. The staff is also well trained in doing so.

6. Latest technology

The use of technology simplifies various tasks that may take years for us to complete manually. Optical character recognition is one of the amazing technologies that have done wonders in scanning and digitizing physical records for turning them into documents that last forever with the help of data archiving technology.

Professional data archiving companies heavily invest in research and innovation of such technologies to provide their clients with the most accurate results. The conventional scanners are only capable of capturing an image of your file, whereas the modern scanners are empowered with artificial intelligence to recognize characters. They produce the exact copy in digital form.

7. Accountability

Handover a document to your employee and ask him after a few weeks or months, and he will be unaware of its existence. If it is lost, there is no one to blame. Every single employee denies handling of that specific file.

Why take a risk in maintaining sensitive and important files on-site as professional companies are here to take on the entire responsibility and held responsible for it. They hold themselves accountable for the physical records as well as the one transformed into digital files and archives at their servers.

Final words

For every problem, there exists a solution. For preserving the data bank of your organization, a professional company is the right solution to look for. They are reliable, competent, and skillful. Reach them out for an effective archiving strategy. Despite using commercial equipment and the latest