Thinking about working from Gouna? We encourage working remotely especially in these dire times. A place with no traffic, no pollution and livelihood.

 El Gouna offers all these options with endless accommodations fitting all budgets for those wanting to work there. So whether you have a family or livin’ la vida loca, this is the place to live.

 We are considering an initiative for living and working at Gouna. Do you support the initiative of moving there?

 We heard there is a startup hub that they are working on there. Imagine working 9-5 in shorts then commuting in 5 minutes with your bike. Then going home eating seafood and hitting the gym or swimming till dusk. That and still having time to go out and party!
 Would you ever consider working from Gouna? Provided you have schools, hospitals and friends along?
Tell us your opinion…


  1. I really wish that I can do that, it’s just a great idea and I have been thinking about it during the past 2 years

  2. I would move back to Egypt to live and work in Gouna. Friends and I tossed this idea back and forth years ago. If there’s work and schools + hurghada is 20 mins away, most definitely YES 🙂

  3. As a start up, it would be an amazing opportunity to work in an open fresh space. Gouna is also 15 minutes to the airport with low budget flights to everywhere in Europe! Definitely, we can benefit if the government adds subsidies or incentives to start-ups.

  4. I am looking forward for any opportunity there, I gladly take it without thinking, I always believe in that kind for life style 🙂

  5. I wish i could find a job and live there, is there any job opportunity? I have a wide experience in PR and Marketing in Egypt and Dubai.

  6. I would love to, get me an opportunity in HR senior management and I’ll be there the following day 😉

  7. I am based in Berlin working in the startup scene. a startup incubator was an idea we had a few years back that is based at elgouna. I have seen some friends starting hubs in Bali and other islands and attracting talent for the weather and lifestyle options. How is the Internet infrastructure so far there ?? How is real estate costs there?

  8. This is a totally great idea, I do not mind having any sort of job there and really enjoying my time as well. Count me in in the initiative 😀

  9. yes I would definitely love to n actually thought about it on many occasions but being a corporate lawyer, i think it’s hard to find a job there!! Let me know if there r any opportunities.

  10. It’d be a dream come true.

    I’ve studied at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. I’ll graduate at the end of this year as an Energy Engineering Masters holder.

    However, the question is: Is there a suitable job opportunity for me as an engineer in El Gouna ? If yes, I’d take it in a heat beat.

  11. I would love to live in el gouna…… is so beautiful and every one is happy and my health would improve, my poor old bones would be given a new lease of life……..seriously any one who is considering living in Egypt, this is the place to go. I have been to el gouna many times, it is paradise.

  12. I have been lately wishing I could work and live in Gouna … It is actually my favorite part of the world.. Of course i support the idea

  13. I have been lately wishing I could work and live in Gouna … It is actually my favorite part of the world.. Of course i support the idea !

  14. We have been pondering the idea of a permanent coworking space in El Gouna in 2013/2014 when planning Coworking Camp. Generally Orascom, the development company behind El Gouna was receptive to the idea, even generously offering space, but getting funding to operate a space is a different story.
    Plus El Gouna is quite expensive compared to other areas on the Red Sea, so somewhat questionable if you could attract enough startup founders to build a viable community.

    However if you are serious about this, I would be happy to share my notes from back then.

  15. I’m doing my best to find a job there and to shift my whole life there but still i can’t find one. It’s the dream of life to live in gouna. But how we can get it? I don’t know

  16. This has been my goal and i was so close to doing it last year but it all collapsed n my dream vanished… i still dream of living n working in el gouna!!! Please whatever is the initiative, consider me in!!!! 100 yes to el gouna!!!

  17. i love Gouna! I would move there full time in a heartbeat. I work in global logistics and if I could get a job working from home I think Gouna would be on my list of places to live. I already speak Arabee Masri, love the food, know how to get around, enjoy the heat and lifestyle. Why not? Gouna is great!

  18. Are you kidding! Of course I’d do it. Who wouldnt. The main issue of course is having schools, universities, clinics, public parks and play grounds, community and urban centers, transportation infrastructure, and other necessities for supporting a family life. Gouna would need to transform from just a resort town to a full-fledged modern city.

  19. I’ve been contemplating this already my wife and I and our two kids!
    I guess living and working there is a dream that I wish may come true one day Inshaa Allah. yet its not only about schools, universities, hospitals, and recreational zones. how about government official representation offices (such as IDs renewal, issuing new passports, or an office for issuing authorizations for a family relative to document a buy or a sale of a property or a car, … etc. )

    I really would love to reallocate their and leave the city 100% even move my whole big family one day.

  20. 100% YES
    This will trigger more business to develop
    If there is a will to start this, count me IN .. Sure will be much fun

  21. Of course, if you have schools – college – hospital – proper infrastructure, why not
    but what are the opportunities their, I mean, if changing my life style …
    It’s a good chance to consider new challenge …
    Is there any more details?

  22. I’d love to do that. It’s like a dream to come true. but are there decent pay jobs available, and moderately priced accommodation to help one take this step?
    and also, what about schools for youngsters ?

  23. Yes, of course, as long as we have schools, hospitals, proper infrastructure, why not
    But, what are the opportunities their, I mean, if I’m going to change my lifestyle, what are the chances their,
    Please send me more details, if possible.
    Thank you,

  24. Yes, I support this idea as I am already a freelancer 🙂

    But if there is a train from Cairo to Gouna i will not think twice

  25. A great idea, but it may fit specific work nature
    And firstly employers should be convinced with the idea of doing the work remotely

  26. of course I would love to live in such place and raise my kids in such environment but is there available jobs that can cover the expenses of living and school fees

  27. what shall i say if you wake up in cool breath in the nature beauty what an amazing idea i totally supportive even the recovery of the patients will be much more faster cause the atmosphere will do miracles 🙂

  28. To me this will be a dream come true. I would love to move my family there. Definitely this will be a better place for my kids to grow :).


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