The movie industry is the biggest entertainment industry nowadays. People love to watch movies to get some relaxation from their daily routine. People attract toward the Bollywood and Hollywood depending upon their choice. The film industry is influencing the lifestyle of the common man a lot. People love to change themselves and develop their standards according to the standards of a film star. The films being released by many of the production houses are getting popularity among people and on box office.

Value of the film industry in olden days:

In olden days people were not aware of the Film Industry and the movies. The only thing they know about the film industry is that it is to entertain the people and earning from that. But the awareness about the film industry is spreading nowadays a lot. People are not entering in Bollywood just to get money and fame. Their passion is the one thing which is attracting them to follow the path of success.

How technology is impacting film industry?

Technology is having a great impact on the film industry in both a good way and adverse.

The technology helps in reaching more people and showing them their talent. Production houses like 123movies get ease in making blockbuster movies with the help of new technology. Let it be a camera, sound recorder or anything else everything is advanced nowadays. People are taking all the advantages of all these things in different ways. Now, we will look forward to know more about the same.

Merits of Technology for the film industry:

• Producers are using a different type of advanced lens cameras to shoot the movies. The quality and screen resolution is increasing accordingly.
• The technology also helps to create different visualized effects while shooting a scene.
• The time is also reduced to shoot a film than earlier.
• The introduction of new audio players and the equipment has also increased the effect of different audio shoots.
• Even after shooting the time to set all the scenes in a sequence has also reduced.
• The effects being introduced in the movies are highly modified and developed using these technologies.


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If you are looking forward to know more about the movies and their effects than here are the best chance for you to do the same. You can explore ample methods to increase the quality of your end product.

Demerits of technology in the film industry:

• People have ample options to choose the movie to watch as per their choice.
• Even people have so many options to watch a movie that they eliminate the part of going to a movie hall to watch it. That is why the collection at box office sometimes decreases.
• People also prefer to look for the reviews of a movie before going out to watch it and this also affects the decision of the viewer.

There are many other ways in which technology is giving an adverse effect on the film industry.


Now, we can conclude that there are always bad and a good effect on everything. Similarly, technology is also having a good and adverse effect. But it doesn’t mean the solution is not there. We have a solution in our hand but for that, the efforts and the follow-ups need to be in line. It is the responsibility of the production house to find out all the loopholes to resolve them. You can search for movies entertainment on Google to know more. You will get the best information as per the need and can increase the value of your production house if you have it.