If you have decided to start the career of a writer, you need to know some basics about writing. Different texts are written differently. It sounds logical, however, sometimes, you would be surprised if you get to know the details. To make things rather evident, let us check the two most common writing pieces: an essay and a blog post. They are taken from completely different fields; hence, they will differ in the following aspects:

● Purpose;
● Requirements;
● Formatting;
● Writing manner.

An Essay Is a Home Assignment

Every essay writer knows that every essay comes with strict requirements. A writer should follow a strict structure when writing an essay:

● An introduction;
● The main part, or the essay body;
● A conclusion.

If it is an essay for a college or university, it is a must to follow the structure.

Even though it is recommended to write an essay in an easy way, it is still targeted to a particular audience: the tutor who gave it. Hence, an essay still shall not sound simplistically. In an essay, you would not use bulleted or numbered lists. You use just plain text to discuss the provided topic.

Subheadings are also not a common practice. Because of this, the requirements for the language flow are high. You shall be able to connect all the paragraphs verbally. You cannot just jump from one idea to another.

A Blog Post Is Targeted to Online Readers

A blog post is something completely different. You are still provided a topic or a direction about what you should write. But you are not so constrained when it comes to a blog post.


Yes, a blog post still has a recommended structure. However, if you have a brilliant idea about how to attract the attention of readers, you might use it even if you don’t follow the standard structure. The language shall be easy, very easy. Every blog post is targeted to readers online. It means that there will be people will different education levels, different backgrounds, and so on. Your task is to make your post interesting to read and clear to anybody.

Subheadings are welcomed. Each new idea is separated into a special block and is introduced with a subheading. That’s why the requirements for connectors and the so-called “flow” are not so high. However, you shall know how to make catchy, very nice subheadings. It is an important part of any blog post.

To make the post easy to read, lists are introduced. It is recommended to use at least one list per post. However, in rare cases, this requirement might be ignored.

There is one feature specific to a blog post. You will not find it in any essay so check domyessay reviews by Nocramming. Every blog post is written around specific words, so-called keywords. They are integrated into the post for search engines.

If you check, you will find many more requirements for a perfect blog post. But we believe that the main task is to write about something relevant. The language shall be easy. The manner of writing shall engage the readers. Then, you will not need any specific tricks to make your blog posts popular.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can see how different texts can be. The differences are not just formal ones. The text structure, language, manner of writing can differ significantly depending on the text purpose. An essay and a blog post are the most popular types of texts. However, if you check in more detail, you will find out that there are many things to learn about writing.