1954 Porsche 356 1500 Speedster: The One and Only 356+


“The One 356” is a tribute to the timeless elegance of the highly sought after 1954 Porsche 356 1500 Speedster pre-series model, known for its rarity.

The bespoke bike “The One 356” made by Scatto Italiano is inspired by the showcased model, exhibited at Borgo Machetto on May 27 and 28, is the 48th prototype out of only 200 produced worldwide. This is one of the earliest Speedsters still in existence, preserved by the dedication of its owner, Massimo Bettinsoli, and the attentive maintenance by Brescia Classic Cars. It was specifically selected as it embodies the central idea of “The One” Scatto Italiano bespoke service, which focuses on the distinctiveness of every individual creation.

The concept of the One 356 was heavily influenced by the sense of liberation that the Speedster embodies. Max Hoffman, the Porsche importer for North America, first conceptualized the Speedster in September 1954. It quickly gained popularity, particularly in the states of Florida and California. What made the Speedster stand out, aside from its striking exterior design, was Hoffman’s instinct to cater to the American market’s demand for a nimble and weightless vehicle that evokes a strong feeling of liberty.

According to Maurilio Rigo, the Porsche Speedster is considered the ultimate inspiration for The One 356, as mentioned in a feature on Motori by Repubblica. This is where the love affair between the two began.

Behind this project, there lies a real One-Off Design Experience, just like every other The One. It was created after extensive conversations with its owner and thorough examination of all the elements of the impressive Porsche 356 Speedster model.

The frame of The One features a graphic design with both sharp and fluid cuts, similar to those found on a car.

The main hue of the bike is Indischrot Red, which has been replicated using the same formula from 1954. The color is complemented by a second option, taking inspiration from the sophisticated contrasting interiors. Every aspect of the bike has been adorned with chrome, including the profiles and components of the Speedster. From the vintage-style handlebars to the sleek and seamless design of the windshield, and even the rear-view mirrors, the shiny molding on the hood stands out as a key element of this model.

The image shown above depicts a photo taken from the website “Scatto Italiano” in July 2023, showcasing a straight line titled “THE ONE 356”.

The creators of The One 356 put in a significant amount of thorough investigation to source cream-colored sidewall tires. They also carefully selected low-profile chrome wheels with a rounded central axis, inspired by the aesthetic design of the tires and wheel cap finish of the Porsche Speedster. During the conservation restoration of the Speedster, great care was taken to maintain every original detail and decision, guaranteeing the faithful preservation of each aspect.