Vroom Vroom!! Don’t you love the sound of starting your camper trailer first thing in the morning? Recreational vehicles or camper trailers are a vital part of a fun family adventure out in the woods or in the mountains.

Everybody loves to escape reality just for a few days and get lost in the vast expanse of Mother Nature. Well, if you are looking for such an experience, buying a camper trailer with the help of the best caravan finance Australia will prove worthy. But before that, you need to acknowledge your requirements and needs from a camper trailer.

When going to buy a camper trailer you need to take care of a few things and identify some factors that will help you make an informed choice. A sink trailer is perfect for events that might not have running water like remote locations, large events, or disaster relief situations.

However, in this guide, we will talk about the most common problems that you may face after buying a camper trailer or while you are on a trip. We will discuss the 7 most common problems faced by the owners and operators of camper trailers and also discuss their solutions. Let’s begin:

#1: Water line and pump Issues:

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A grave issue is observed with most camper trailer owners, where either the water pump breaks down or there is a leakage in the water lines.

Why does it happen?

A major reason for the eruption of water problems is your inability to maintain the camper trailer when it is not in use. Most of the times we take a ride on the camper trailers in the summer season only to escape the scorching heat. But you also need to take care of the trailer in the winter season when it is parked in a lot or in the garage.

Here the water lines become vulnerable due to chilling temperature and it can burst out. This can cause leakage in the water lines and cause damage to the whole trailer.

How to Solve it?

Well, if you have neglected the prevention steps, then the only thing left to be done is to solve the issue. Follow these steps:

• After turning the water pump off from the main outlet, you need to locate the exact position of the leak. Now, for this, you need to go on a search and rescue mission all around your camper trailer. The leak could be originating from the camper washroom (the shower, toilet, and sink).

Also, check the cabinets inside the camper. Sometimes the pipe’s network is laid from behind the cabinets. Lastly, you need to search for the leakage beneath the camper trailer.

• When you have located the leakage point, cut that small part out and then join the other two ends together. Or you can also apply a sealing solution to restrict leakage.

• Lastly, you can replace the pipe when back home. For the time being just seal it.

How to prevent this Problem?

Preventing these water issues just requires you to take care of a few things:

• You have to make sure to empty the water tanks before the winter season arrives and do not forget to turn off the water pump.

#2: Faults of Toilet:

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Toilets in a camper trailer have a shorter life span as compared to the ones we have in our homes.

Why Does this Happen?

This is due to the extra wear and tear from the moving of the camper. This leads to damaging the inner rubber seals, valves and other parts that hold the toilet seat in place and ensure it functions properly.

One more reason for the same can be that the side valves of the trailer are not closed completely. This could be again due to damaged rubber seals.

How to solve it?

It is better to tame this problem when it is still approachable by you. Because if things go out of your hands, the cost of repairs and servicing will increase manifold. So here is the procedure to solve leaked valves issue:

• The first step is to ensure that there is no water pressure. So turn off the pumps and other water pressure peripherals in the trailer.

• Then you need to remove the toilet seat and replace the valve seals that are leaking. You will know which seals are leaking because there will be water all around them.

• Replace them and then check their ability to hold down the pressure of the water.

• Install the toilet seat back into its position and you are good to go.

How to Prevent it?

• Before this happens what, you can do it make sure to flush out the water and restrict any kind of accumulation of water in the toilet seat every day on the trip.

• Also, make sure to check them and replace them if needed before every trip. Because with time and due to the excessive wear and tear they can be damaged or broken.

#3: Blowout Tire:

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When it comes to a camper trailer, tire blowouts and flat tires are a bigger cause of worry. Especially if you have a flat tire while you are driving, this could become a reason for an accident mid road.

Why does this happen?

Well, the only reason we have flat tires is the road itself. Camping is usually done in remote areas, or in the mountains where we have a mixture of roads. These types of roads are for the most part normal, but they do have mud, dirt, gravel, sand, stones, and whatnot. You should use quality trailer tires and rims to avoid this situation.

How to Solve it?

Here is what you need to do in case of a tire blowout or a flat tire:

• When it comes to a camper trailer, most of the vehicles have double tires. Hence, you need to be careful while changing them.

• First, ensure that your camper is parked on a plain surface and on the side of the road without any heavy incoming traffic.

• Loosen the lug nuts of the flat tire and then rise the camper to a height where the flat tire is free to rotate.

• Apply the parking brakes so that the other tires won’t move and then disassemble the lug nuts and take them all out.

• Pull out the flat tire, and replace it with the new one. (Before you go on a camping trip, make sure that you have at least two spare tires and that too in a good condition).

• Place the lug nuts and ensure that the tire is holding in its correct place. Bring the camper trailer down and tighten the lug nuts as hard as you can.

• In the last step, make sure to check the air pressure in the newly installed tire and you are good to go.

How to Prevent it:

The only way of preventing a flat tire is to ensure that you always travel with new tires or they should be in good condition.

Also, do not carry more passengers than what your camper trailer can carry. Extra load means that your camper has to bear with an additional weight which could cause performance issues as well. Buy the tires from reliable trailer parts supplier.

#4: Leaky Doors, Windows and Vents:

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The tree branches can damage the roof. Similar is the thing with the doors and windows. All these parts of the camper trailer are at the mercy of the weather too. Heavy hail storm, or rainfall or even extremely hot weather can break loose the window and door seals.

Why does this happen?

Compared to a mobile house (camper trailer) homes are made for a long-term usage and they are also exposed to different climatic events constantly. In the camper trailers, this robustness is missing and they are made with lighter materials only to allow smooth mobility.

The roof, windows, and doors are vulnerable to easy damage. With excessive heat, the door seals can break or wear out quickly. A more than normal hail storm can damage the roof and cause various other problems.

How to solve it?

• Well, if you are on the road and then incur any kind of damage to the roof then for the moment make sure to cover it with duct tape or a plastic bag to prevent any kind of leakage or internal system’s exposure.

• You can also carry along the special sealing tapes that are made for camper trailers. These tapes can work magic for a temporary period and get you through the trip easily.

How to Prevent it?

What you can do is use a roof cover. This will help you first to protect the roof from exposure to climatic events like a hailstorm, excessive heat among others. Also, it will act as a shield and provide damage protection from tree branches and rocks.

When it comes to doors and windows, you need to keep an eye on their condition regularly. Any kind of noise or even a small leak should provoke you to thoroughly check it and ensure that it is a good condition.

#5: Failure of Battery:

BATTERY camper trailer

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Battery failure can lead to shutting down of everything that is connected to the power outlets. Worse than that, without a battery, the trailer won’t even start in the first place and you can be stuck on your trip.

Why Does this happen?

The most common reason for battery problems is that there is not enough battery water or distilled water inside the components. Or it can be that some appliances are draining out excessive power than what is required.

Along with this, a leaked circuit in the power lines can also lead to battery failure and a few other problems.

How to Solve it?

Well, there are only two ways to come out of a dead battery issue:

• One is that you charge the battery. Plug it into the AC power outlet mostly available at the RV park lots so that it gets charged enough to help you reach back home.

• The second method is to replace the battery altogether. You should know about battery health with an RV battery monitor.

How to prevent it?

Follow these steps in order to prevent going through such problems:

• Battery Fluid Levels: Keep a regular check on the battery fluid levels in your camper to ensure that the battery is always working properly.

• Also, what you can do is to disconnect the battery cables when the camper is parked in a garage. This will prevent the battery from draining continuously even when the appliances are turned off.

#6: Malfunction of Refrigerator and Oven:

FRIDGE camper trailer

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Ovens and refrigerators are the most used appliances in a camper trailer. These appliances make you feel at home and help you eat fresh and hot food all through the road.

But, sometimes both of these appliances can malfunction and this may add to another cause of worry on your trip.

Why Does this Happen?

Well, the most common reason is disorientation in electricity supply or a break in the circuit. In a trailer refrigerator, the gas and a chemical mixture are used to ensure that it is working properly.

The gas is there to cool the coils in the refrigerator and the chemical mixture of liquified ammonia, H2 gas, water, and sodium chromate is there for anti-corrosion.

However, if you smell ammonia anywhere near to the fridge, it means that there is a leakage in the component.

How to Solve it?

The best thing is that you stay away from these electrical and gas based issues. Even if you are in the middle of a trip, do not indulge in repairing them. Because until and unless you have a clear understanding of all the electrical components and circuits, meddling with them is not safe.

The most you can do is check the voltage and current levels that are reaching to these appliances.

#7: Gas poisoning:


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Carbon Monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas. Its inhalation can also lead to death. Unfortunately means that there is no specific way to find out that there is CO leakage inside the RV except for the CO monitors.

Still, you need to be cautious and preventive of this problem and avoid the repercussions of your negligence.

Why does this happen?

A camper trailer has several sources of carbon monoxide. This includes batteries, propane gas, engine generator, and the camper trailer heaters.

So, if there is an issue with any of these systems there is a risk of gas leakage and in most of the instances, this gas is carbon monoxide.

How to solve it?

You know that carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas. So, what can you do in case of leakage?

First, you should be able to recognize the symptoms of the leakage. There are certain health indicators that can help you recognize that if there is a leakage of the same or not.

• Vomit, nausea, and dizziness.

• Headaches, recurrent twitches in your muscles

• Lethargy and sleepy head

• Cognitive thinking is impaired

These are a few factors that should be enough to warn you that there is something wrong with the camper trailer. Be cautious and take action after the first sign of such an event.

How to Prevent it?

Well, the prevention of carbon monoxide requires you to be aware and vigilant. Also, to prevent any kind of leakage of this gas, you have to properly maintain all of your appliances and peripherals in the RV that use this gas.

Along with this, you need to make sure that the Carbon Monoxide monitor is always working. Check it a couple of days before you have to take the camper trailer out for a trip.

In the end…

We always hope that you never have to go through any of these issues and ruin all the fun of a camping trip with family and friends. But it is always smart to know what you need to do in some situation if it ever arises.

So, keeping that in mind, we have listed the most common problems that are faced by people like you when they go out on their camper trailers.

If you have prepared well on the basis of this guide, you won’t have to face any kind of issues while on a trip and will arrive back home safely.