4 Tips for Protecting Your Trailer’s Exterior During the Colder Months


When camping time comes to an end, you will need to store your trailer properly and safely. This will insure it will be in good shape for the next season of outdoor fun.

Most luxury park trailers do not allow for long term parking during the winter months. Preserving the exterior is the goal of maintaining your camper for years to come. Parking your trailer or RV at an indoor facility is the best option.

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Before you store your trailer for the season, here are 4 tips for protecting the exterior during the colder months.

1. The Tires

Be sure to inflate the tires to the proper amount recommended by the trailer’s manufacturer. This will insure there will be no damage to the tires during storage. The weight of a trailer, especially one not in use, can wear down the tires.

If you are storing the RV outside, you will need to cover the tires to help preserve them during the harsh weather. The sun, snow, and ice add to the deterioration of the tires and render them unusable for the next season.

The tires will dry out and crack if not properly cared for before storage. Spending a little extra on a set of good tire covers will save you more money in the long run.

2. Awnings

You will want to clean all the awnings on your trailer before storage to make sure there is no debris or water left on them. Water and dirt can contribute to rust on metal awnings and create holes in fabric style canopies.

Once you have cleaned the awnings, be sure to let them dry completely before retracting them into the trailer or folding them up. The same goes for tenting material if you own a pop-up style camper. Everything should be clean and dry before storage.

3. Seams

Inspect all the seams, especially on the roof, of the RV before putting it away for the winter. If you find a seam that is open or cracking, fill it with a quality sealant to insure no ice or water seeps in and damages the rig.

After sealing any parts that could leak, allow them to dry before using a quality vehicle cleaner on all parts of the trailer. You may also want to invest in a high-quality wax and then wax the RV before putting it in storage. This will mitigate the damage from the winter elements.

4. Batteries

An important part of the winterization of your RV is battery maintenance. If you are going to store your trailer in a long-term facility, you will want to remove the battery and store it in a safe place. This would be away from extreme elements like heat or ice and cold.

If you can, leave the battery in the RV and plug into a shore outlet at least once a month for a minimum of eight hours. This will help to keep it from freezing. A fully charged battery will not freeze as fast or as much as a depleted battery.

Before you store your trailer, you will need to spend some time taking care of it so it will be ready when the spring camping season starts. Not only will it be ready, but proper storage will also save you money in repair fees.