When it comes to obtaining roadworthy certificates for your vehicle, there are a few fast and manageable steps you can follow to appropriately prepare your vehicle for a roadworthy check-up. If it is about saving your hard-earned time and money, making these simple arrangements will go a long way in attainment of a positive roadworthy outcome, the first time around!


How to Save Money on Tyres

Apart from checking the amount of tread on each tyre, our qualified mobile RWC near me will be reviewing the actual state of your tyres. So,before the inspection you should surveythe even tread pattern across the footmark of your tyre and other wear such as snaps or chips across the wall of the tyres. The simplest way to measure if your tyres have sufficient tread to pass a mobile roadworthy test is basically by substantiating your tyre tread wear indicators as shown beneath. If your tyre tread is equal with the indicators on any part of the footmark your tyre is required to be substituted.


A clean windscreen ensures road worthy certificate QLD! If you can’t see through it, your vehicle will fail to clear the test.

This is a permanent fixture and an easy one too.Hence, before your mobile roadworthy Brisbane inspection, make sure to clean it and survey for any chips or snaps. Any harm to the windscreen, within the arc of the wiper blade that weakens the driver’s vision will indicate a windscreen replacement. Luckily, most insurance companies cover windscreen substitution, so verify with your insurance company to ensurethat your policy covers you for a windscreen replacement free of cost.

Headlights + Lamps

Brightness of the lights is another significant test you need to clear to obtain roadworthy certificates. This one every so often has a very simple solution! If your lights seem to be a little dull, be certain to make those headlights glow with a good brush. This is to guarantee maximum brightness!

When the other lamps on your car is in question, mobile roadworthy certificate provider will verify them to be more than just operational. Before the examination, you should check that all lamps on your vehicle are not only functioning but securely put in place. This includes headlights, park lamps, indicators reverse lights, and fog lights.

Spare Wheel

During a mobile roadworthy test, mostly it is inspected what is crucial for the safety of your vehicle. Thus, while it is checked that your spare wheel is correctly mounted, it is not a prerequisite that the tyre itself be in a roadworthy condition. Therefore, the only thing should concern you is ensuring your spare wheel is appropriately fitted to your car before the review.

Windscreen wipers + Washers

Cruising in the Rain

When it comes to your windscreen the main precedence must be given to a clear view!

It’s extremely simple to verify and test whether your windscreen is working adequately or not, thus don’t go foryour mobile roadworthy Brisbane without following the below-mentioned steps!

1. Ensure that your wiper blades are appropriately cleaning your windscreen and not leaving major bands in your line of vision. If your wiper blades are old, time to purchase new ones! It’s low-priced and will create a huge difference.
2. Make sure that your washer fluid is adequately filled up and efficiently spurting onto your windscreen.

If you contemplate that your wipers are ‘good to go’ but you wish to go wrong on the side of carefulness, you can at all times give them new life by using a duster and some soapy water to decisively wipe down the blade and lift off any uneven build up – it will turn your duster black but positively, make your wipers extra effective!

How Long Does a Road Worthy Last?

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This is a prevalent question whether you are purchasing a new vehicle, a used car, or having an interstate vehicle transfer.

The time a mobile roadworthy certificate is effective counts on who is selling the vehicle:

• licensed motor dealers—certificates are effective for 3 months or 1,000km (whichever lapses first) from the date of issuing
• all other sellers—certificates are effective for 2 months or 2,000km (whichever lapses first) from the date of issuing.

You can use the same mobile roadworthy Brisbane certificate to register an unregistered automobile and then handover the registration, provided you do this within the restrictions laid out previously.

You will need to get a new roadworthy certificate every time you sell a vehicle, despite you sell it within the restrictions laid out earlier. A single roadworthy certificate can be used for 1 handover only.

Roadworthy certificates confirms that a vehicle is sufficiently safe to be driven on public roads. Get your roadworthy certificate today to ensure maximum safety for yourself and others. Contact your trusted RWC provider today!