Wheels are an essential component of each automobile as they have direct contact with the road. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that they are kept in the proper condition. Most drivers tend to ignore the aspect of wheel maintenance. It is best to cultivate a culture of good wheel service and maintenance. It involves checking that the wheels have the correct pressure, tread depth, and proper alignment. Wheel’s inspection should be conducted regularly by the automobile owner for road safety.

Wheels are the direct contact point to the road. With this in mind, you should choose the right type of wheels. It is best to choose the most suitable tyre for your vehicle. For instance, wheels are suited for better traction and others for smoother rolling of vehicles.

Sometimes you may be tempted to go for the cheaper wheels, but it can be costly in the end. Let us brush over the importance of keeping wheels in good shape.

Car tyre maintenance

1. It will help you save money on buying new wheels

Regular checking of wheels and maintenance will save you money. Ensuring the wheels have the right amount of pressure will lessen the tear and wear of your wheels. As we know, wheels are the only part of the vehicle in direct contact with the road.

For this reason, it is prone to wear and tear; rotating your wheels will make them wear out at the same time. In the long run, saving money on the purchase of a new set of wheels.

2. It ensures your safety

Wheels are in direct contact with the road. They need to have the correct air pressure. Driving with the wrong air pressure affects your braking ability and can cause severe accidents. Additionally, driving with under-inflated wheels will cause heat build leading to blowouts. It is vital to check the tyres pressure regularly before embarking on any trip.

3. It saves you money on fuel

Under-inflated wheels can be a cause for excessive fuel consumption of your vehicle. It happens because the wheels are taking more effort from the engine. With a proper wheel, air pressure will save you money on fuel. Regularly checking air pressure is a good exercise for taking care of your wheels.

4. Minimizes the risk of skidding

Well-maintained wheels are recommended to have a tread depth of 1.6mm. The right measurements prevent the wheels from losing grip on the road due to wet surfaces. Wheels with worn-out treads may cause gliding on wet roads; hence, less control may end up causing a fatal accident.

5. It enables wheels to wear out evenly

Proper alignment of wheels makes your wheels wear out evenly. It helps the wheels to attain the average lifespan as opposed to improperly balanced wheels. Additionally, properly balanced wheels will ensure that you have a smooth ride while on the road. It is recommended to balance the wheels every 10,000 km. It prevents the wobbling of wheels on the road, which can cause a bumpy ride. It is vital to ensure that the wheels and axles are correctly maintained.


Additionally, proper wheel rotation is a great option to make them wear out evenly. The front wheels do not wear out at the same rate as the rear wheels. With this in mind, it is best to rotate your wheels as a routine of maintenance.

6. It helps maintain good steering and control

Properly maintained wheels provide a better experience. It involves proper wheel alignment, rotation, correct air pressure, and changing wheels regularly. Wheels are the main component that touches the road directly with proper care and maintenance; you can have better control of the vehicle on any road.

By investing in proper maintenance, it results in a better braking ability as the driver.

7. Proper braking distance

Wheels require to have proper contact on the road to have an ideal braking distance. Braking distance is the distance travelled by your vehicle before it can finally come to a halt after applying your brakes. Worn-out wheels and improper wheel pressure may increase the braking distance, which is not a safe practice for driving.


Final thoughts

The above-discussed points are reasons why you should keep your wheels in proper condition. Like the shoes you wear, wheels need to be of the right shape and size to function optimally. You spend so much time in the car, and a wheel defect may end up costing you time, resources, and safety. It is vital to maintain regular checks of your wheels and have a spare wheel in case of a puncture on the road.

For issues that you cannot handle, it is wise to visit the experts. The automobile owner should know what is going on your wheels as they link you and the road. Safe road use starts with the right condition of your tyre.