Whether as an everyday carry or a survival tool, tactical flashlights are often underrated.

Most people think of them as simple devices to help you see light in the dark, nothing more.

But this is obviously a misunderstanding of the tactical flashlight, far from the truth.A tactical flashlight is literally a must-have in every outdoor enthusiast’s toolkit.

It’s extremely bright, convenient, durable, has features that ordinary household flashlights don’t, and in many cases can even save your life.

1. What is a tactical flashlight?

Tactical flashlights are made for tactical use, and they were originally developed for military missions to help identify targets in poorly lit areas.

They are smaller and brighter than traditional flashlights and are made of weapons-grade metal aluminum for maximum durability. This is why tactical flashlights are popular as outdoor gear in the military and police as well as in outdoor sports.

Tactical flashlights are basically good everyday carry tools because they are convenient and they can be a great self-defense weapon even for the average person in the home.

2. Six reasons why tactical flashlights are essential for every outdoor enthusiast:

1. Very bright:

As a flashlight, brightness is a given, and what makes a powerful flashlight unique is the extremely high parameter of the amount of light it emits.

Tactical flashlights have a light output range of 100-2000 lumens, while ordinary household flashlights have a light output range of 25-100 lumens.

Tactical flashlights are very bright and can beam up to 300 meters.

It’s especially useful when you’re trying to find your way in the middle of the night, or when you’re in a survival situation and need to find a quick way out.

2. Strong durability:

As the name suggests, tactical flashlights were originally made for military use, which means they are mostly made of aerospace-grade aluminum or titanium housings that can withstand extreme shock and pressure, and are shock, scratch, and shatter-resistant. Also excellent.

Most (not all) tactical flashlights are dropped from a height of at least 2 meters and will remain intact.

7 Ways Tactical Flashlights Save Lives, Every Outdoor Enthusiast Should Have It.

The tactical flashlight is basically waterproof, rainproof, snowproof and waterproof. The charging port is sealed with rubber to ensure that it can still be used after being completely submerged.

Works flawlessly in the harshest of natural environments.

3. Easy to carry:

Flashlights used to be large, bulky and inconvenient to carry. Today’s tactical flashlights have shrunk a lot in size and increased functionality.

Most are only 8-20 cm long and weigh around 50-200 grams.

You can easily fit them into your pockets (some also come with clips) without adding too much bulk or weight.

4. Multifunctional:

Not only are tactical flashlights extremely durable and bright, they also have other features that make them a survival tool.

Tactical flashlights can be used in a variety of uses and modes (high, medium, strobe, etc.).

They’ve also had a major tech update: most charge via a USB port, and some brands have Bluetooth connectivity that lets you check battery status and configure its settings from your smartphone.

5. Identify threats:

Although they are designed for tactical use, the main function of tactical flashlights is still to help you see in the dark. You can use it to find your way back to camp in the dark, or to check your surroundings for potential threats and dangers.

At least 100 lumens and above, most tactical flashlights can illuminate large dark areas and reach great distances, which alone can give you a cashback advantage and prepare you for what’s to come.

6. Self-help and distress signals:

A flashlight is essential in an emergency and the first piece of equipment you’ll use during a power outage.

Their usefulness is self-evident in situations where you are forced to maneuver in the dark.

Since tactical flashlights are shock and waterproof, you can use them in extreme weather or even underwater. The beam of a tactical flashlight can be used to issue a distress signal, allowing rescuers to respond in time.

If you get lost, you can use its powerful lumen to send out a distress signal that can be seen from a distance.

7. Make a fire:

A tactical flashlight is also a great igniter you can use to start a fire when you need heat and no other ignition is available.

In the case of a filament torch, carefully remove the outer casing of the torch, make sure the inner filament is intact, surround the top of the filament with ignition material such as hay or twigs, and turn on the light.

For tactical flashlights like the Olight X9R, set the flashlight to its highest lumens for a while and the paper will burn almost instantly when near flammable materials like paper.

Third, the main points of choosing a tactical flashlight:

Now that we know what a tactical flashlight is, let’s dissect how you should choose.

Here are the factors you should consider when looking for a quality tactical flashlight:

1. Must be very bright and have a strong lumen output:

For tactical flashlights, brightness is important because you need to clearly see what’s ahead.

In addition, when encountering man-made threats in the wild, you can use strong light to sting the opponent’s eyes.

2. Adjustable focal length:

The human eye is difficult to adjust in low-light conditions, and a zoom flashlight that can easily go from small to large beams can help you both focus on a specific thing and see everything in the area on a larger scale.

3. Durable:

Any outdoor gear needs to be durable, and so do tactical flashlights.

You need to make sure that your tactical flashlight lasts a long time, giving you enough time to call for help or get out of trouble. There is no doubt that a tactical flashlight must be durable and must be relied upon in an emergency. Maybe it’s the only device you have. Military-grade aluminum alloy flashlights can take a huge hit.

4. Strong waterproof:

A tactical flashlight needs to perform optimally in any situation. Water resistance is an important indicator if you don’t want to lose its functionality in bad weather conditions.

5. Applicable size:

Your tactical flashlight can’t be too big or too small, of course, it depends on the environment you’re using and what you’re trying to accomplish.


It is undeniable that tactical flashlights are essential equipment for outdoor operations and a must for every outdoor enthusiast.

Many people underestimate the usefulness of tactical flashlights, some people think of it as a tool in a drawer that can only be taken out during a power outage.

In fact, a tactical flashlight can do a lot of things, it’s the perfect EDC device to increase your awareness of your surroundings, multiple lighting modes, including strobe and SOS modes, identify threats, and of course send out a distress signal in an emergency, and also Can defend against bad guys.A tactical flashlight is also an excellent survival gear, as it has features unmatched by traditional flashlights, one of which has the potential to save your life in a critical moment.