Millions of people get their wisdom teeth removed each year, but is it a good idea? How do you know when to get wisdom teeth removed if it is something you’re going to do?

Understanding wisdom teeth, why to remove them, when to remove them, and what to expect through the process can put your mind at ease. We are here to help you as you’re learning more about wisdom teeth removal.

Continue reading this article to learn everything you need to know about removing wisdom teeth.

It’s Time to Go

If you or your dentist notices that your wisdom teeth are causing problems with your other teeth, it might be time for them to go. Some dentists choose to keep an eye on the situation and determine if they can be saved.

Sidcup Dentist

While we don’t need our wisdom teeth in most cases, you might not want to go through the process if you don’t need to. Work with your dentist to decide whether it is time to remove your wisdom teeth, or if they can stay in your mouth without causing problems.

If you notice that your gums are bleeding around these teeth, bad breath, jaw pain, or swelling or stiffness, these could be signs you need to remove your wisdom teeth.

What to Expect

If you and your dentist decide it is time for your wisdom teeth to go, you need to know what to expect from the wisdom teeth removal process if you want to stay calm.

When you work with a knowledgeable professional, you will be able to go through the entire process quickly and gracefully when properly prepared.

Your dentist or an oral surgeon may remove your wisdom teeth. During the procedure, you can choose to have a local or general anesthetic. If you have a general anesthetic, you’ll need someone to help you get home because you won’t be able to drive.

Depending on how many teeth are being removed, and how difficult the case is, it may take 30 minutes, or it may take hours.

After your extraction, avoid touching the wound, and take it easy. Apply ice packs to the outside of your mouth and change your gauze out every 30 minutes after your procedure.

When you start feeling discomfort, use the pain medication that the doctor prescribed to you, so you and your mouth can get some rest.

When to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed – Now You Know

Now you know when to get wisdom teeth removed. Knowing when or if you’re going to get your wisdom teeth removed gives you control over your dental health, and can make you feel more confident about your dental decisions.

For more information on wisdom teeth extractions and other dental procedures, do not hesitate to get help from the family dentist in Alhambra.

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