Vehicles are generally equipped with rubber mats that are removable and easily cleaned. The primary function of the mats is to collect dirt carried by the bottom part of our shoes.  In this short document, we are going to look at the benefits of car mats, the best material for a car mat, and anything else related.

The Benefits Of Car Mats

I) Stain Protection

A vehicle is exposed to all sorts of contaminants and dirt. It does not matter how clean you may be, somehow dirt and other contaminants will find their way into the vehicle, which ranges from mud, oil, stone, dirt, and even food-related particles and stains.

Some of these contaminants can be removed easily, whereas others require detailed cleaning. Mats help protect the interior parts of the vehicle and eliminate these problems.

II) Protects The Value Of The Vehicle

The moment you make the decision to sell your vehicle, the buyer will inspect the vehicle. Whenever a buyer is inspecting the vehicle, they will go over every small detail with the aim of trying to reduce its value. If the car is in immaculate condition, it will fetch a higher resale value.

Therefore, if the vehicle is found to have stains or some kind of discoloration, the buyer will decrease its value. One way to maintain the value of a vehicle is through mats.


Rubber Or Carpet – Which Is Better?

Car mats are available in either rubber or carpet. At Mr. Car Mats, we offer car mats made from rubber or carpet and custom mats for cars. This means you have the option to choose one that will work for you. however, when you choose the material of a car mat, you have to consider the following: –

  • The location you will be driving at
  • Your vehicle’s specific needs (do you need something that can pull dirt or one that is suited for wet weather)
  • The weather of your location
  • Cleaning frequency

For example, you should consider rubber mats if you live in wet weather regions. On the other hand, you should note that since rubber does not absorb liquid it is easy to clean, although it can be slippery when wet.

Carpet mats can be used to pull dirt and collect dust. They can be cleaned easily using a vacuum cleaner. However, they are not best for muddy or wet areas.

Floor Rugs – What About Them

In modern homes, floor rugs can offer a lot of conveniences, just like car mats. However, you should note that they are not the same as carpet or runners. Floor rugs have an average of 2M X 3M in size or smaller.

They also function as beautiful floor pieces of artwork for homes. One may also choose a rug that compliments their beautiful space or furniture. They may be also used to connect portions of the room(s).


How Do You Choose a Floor Rug?

When going for a floor rug, you have to consider the following to get the right fit for you: –

I) Size

Size is paramount as it plays a role in the functionality and visuals. You do not want a rug that is too big for your coffee table or too small for your dining room table. Ensure you know what you need exactly. As such, measure the floor space to get the best fit.

II) Color

Color is another factor you should have in mind. That is because they can function as artwork. This is why it is paramount to choose the color wisely.

III)    Comfort

Comfort is king when it comes to floor rugs. You do not want something that is not comfortable to feel or walk on. However, you need to consider the traffic. For example, did you know that the living room and kitchen receive high traffic compared to bedrooms? For this reason, you should take into account both the traffic and comfort to get the best floor rug for you.


Floor rugs and car mats are both important in their respective locations. Although cars come with car mats, you have to purchase floor rugs. Moreover, with time, you will be required to replace car mats. That is because, with time, they wear and tear.