Everything You Need To Know About Car Ceramic Coating


If you want your car to look as new, fresh, shiny, and beautiful as the day you bought it, then you have to be ready to take some extreme measures. Not extreme for the value you get through. You are probably one of those car owners who wash their cars every now and then, applying wax but still not getting the desired result.

Instead, all you get are annoying chips, stains, and ugly swirl marks. As if that is not enough frustration, you start getting watermarks and dirt, clinging and sticking to your car exterior, completely robbing it of its clean, clear, glow, and shiny exterior it deserves, you deserve.

And not just wax, some people find it the same with powder coating. And all that is left for you is cursing and wishing you could find a permanent, well, not really a super permanent, but more like a long-term solution. The good news is, there is a solution to your problem. It is called a car ceramic coating solution!

Car Ceramic Coating Defined

A car ceramic coating is a liquid coating. You apply the liquid polymer to the exterior of your car by hand. This bonds with your car’s factory paint chemically, building a layer of protection. It doesn’t really provide a permanent solution but semi-permanent protection for your car.

It also should not be confused for a paint protection film substitute that is more comprehensive. Ceramic coating is just a better and more efficient option over powder and wax. This means it doesn’t need to be applied repeatedly every few months like the latter mentioned.

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How It Works/ What Does It Protect Your Car From

In simple terms, a ceramic coating is just another method to add extra protection to your car exterior. It helps it look and remain new with minimal maintenance for a long period of time. Here are some of the ways a ceramic coating protects your car;

  • Protection Against UV damage

This is also known as oxidation. The ceramic coating protects the outside of your car from the hot sun rays. This happens when the car is exposed and the paint oxidizes, leading to fading and dull paint. The ceramic coating would reduce the amount of this process by protecting the paint from the sun.

  • Protection against Etching and Chemical Stains

Naturally acidic elements and contaminants are also a threat to your car. The ceramic coating acts as a chemical resistance that resists some contaminants from bonding with your car’s paint. This results in stain and etches resistance, as long as you make sure to remove the contaminant in a timely manner.

  • Makes it easy to cleaning

Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, a feature that repels water. When a vehicle has a ceramic coating, water slides off of it easily. This makes it easy whenever it is time to clean. It also means that most unwanted components like mud wouldn’t easily and strongly bond to the paint and cleaning would be much more effortless.

Some Myths Of Ceramic Coating

While there are many advantages of ceramic coating, there are also many factors that are misunderstood about it. Here is what ceramic coating won’t do;

  • While ceramic coating would prevent swirl marks and small chips, it won’t completely eliminate the threat your car has. Small scratches and light damages can be repelled by ceramic coating but it wouldn’t completely resist rock chips.
  • The ceramic coating repels water but that doesn’t mean that your car is safe from water spots. When the water drops on your car evaporate, there would always remain some minerals and dirt which may leave water-marks. Other consumers also think that after ceramic coating application, there wouldn’t be a need to wash it. Well, this calls the need to wash it.