Whether you are considering your next vacation or simply a day out, the beach is likely to be high on your list of desirable places. It’s because there is something for everyone on the beach. You can simply relax, undertake water sports, or try some fishing, surfing, snorkelling, or even splash around at the edge of the water to keep cool.

However, as appealing as this sounds, it is important to consider the safety aspect of visiting the beach. In most cases, the beach is attractive and safe. It helps if you look for a beach that is monitored by Surf Life Saving Australia. Their service is provided free-of-charge although donations are appreciated. Having a surf lifesaver on the beach means you know where it is safe to swim and help is on hand if you need it.

It simply makes sense to choose a beach with a surf lifesaver.

Of course, if you want to experience something a little less safe then you may want to check out one of the following most dangerous beaches in the world.

1. Skeleton Coast, Namibia


This section of coastline has earned its name. There is a strong current, known as the Benguela current, that operates in the area. It is responsible for many shipwrecks and boats are still sunk along this coast. That makes it very dangerous to swim or surf in.

But, that’s not all! This section of coastline is also home to at least 11 different types of sharks, enter the water at your own risk. Don’t think that staying on the beach will be safer, the beach is known to be a favourite spot for lions and hyenas!

2. Cape Tribulation, Australia


This beach sits on the coast of Queensland and is not for the faint-hearted. Sure, it looks fantastic with stunning water and beaches, including exotic palms. However, during the summer months, this is where the jellyfish like to congregate.

It’s a good idea to avoid the water. But, if you feel you really need to go in a stinger suit will help to protect you from the jellyfish. Unfortunately, it can’t protect you from the saltwater crocodiles that like this section of coastline.

You should also consider the cassowaries, large birds with very sharp talons and there is also a selection of stinging trees!

3. Fraser Island, Australia


Australia is a large country with plenty of coastlines. That means it isn’t surprising that several of the most dangerous beaches in the world are here.

Fraser Island is home to one of the most venomous jellyfish in the world, the Irukandji. If that wasn’t enough to keep you off the beach, you should know there are also packs of dingoes on this beach, and they have been known to attack humans.

4. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii


It’s hard to beat this beach for beauty. The cliffs are black from previous volcanic eruptions, the water is a deep turquoise, and the sky is almost always blue. But, the water is home to some of the strongest rip currents in the world and it will drag you out to sea. Without help, there is a strong possibility of drowning.