Did you know that you can protect and extend the lifespan of your car’s paint simply by getting an automotive wrap? But how much will it cost to wrap a car? Car wrap prices vary depending on the wrapping that you want.

Most wraps are removable, meaning you can use them to protect the paint beneath. You can peel them off easily whenever you wish to revert to the car’s original look.

Wrapping a car has been a thing since time immemorial. History records that people were wrapping their cars as far back as when the first automobiles came into existence. So if you wanted to join the bandwagon, but you were hesitant, then this is the time.

You don’t have to know how to wrap a car to enjoy the benefits. All you need to know is an expert who can deliver the results.

Take a look at some of the common automotive wraps and their average market prices below.


  1. The Standard Color Wrap

Standard color wraps are the most common kind that people opt for in the market. This glossy vinyl material is popular because you can customize it to any color on the hex code scale.

A standard color wrap will set you back by around $2 to $3 per square foot in the market. This cost may eventually go up since it excludes design and labor fees. Design and labor costs are dependent on the size of your vehicle and the time it takes to customize it. To get a proper quotation for your car, you may seek help from Remix Wraps, as they will give you their professional advice and tips before engaging your car to wrap.

  1. Matte Vinyl Wrap

A lot of car owners seem to be drifting towards wrapping their vehicles with matte vinyl wraps. You’ve probably seen cars that look like the owner has dulled down their original color. That’s a matte finish that produces a flat appearance due to the reduction in the car’s gloss.

You can get a matte vinyl finish for a wide range of colors. However, companies tend to give them a matte black or white finish. The cost to wrap a car with matte vinyl is about $4 per foot, excluding labor and design costs.

  1. The Chrome Wrap

Are you that guy that fancies all eyes looking at your ride whenever you are driving? If that’s the case, getting a chrome wrap should be the best option for you. The wrap reflects sunlight to people nearby your car, so you’ll never miss the recognition when you are on the road.

Chrome wraps are limited to specific chrome colors like silver, purple, blue, and orange. It will cost you around $8 per square foot, excluding labor and design. If you have an exotic car, consider getting chrome auto wraps at Supreme Wraps for that look of sophistication.


The Cost to Wrap a Car

Automotive wraps add an extra touch of elegance to your ride in addition to protecting the paint job. Getting an excellent wrap for your vehicle might even boost your confidence when you are driving. However, knowing the cost to wrap a car alone doesn’t suffice.

Make sure you research and talk to different experts so that you get a wrap that fits your vehicle’s needs. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to go through the website for more exciting content.

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