The driving test is always a source of stress for most people. However, it is not uncommon for some people to take the driver’s license test twice or more. Only when you realize that it is not about knowing how to drive, but following the rules of the road.

This is what the driving schools like EzLicense will teach you. Knowing how to maneuver a machine is the easy part. But it is more difficult to have the discipline to follow the speed limit when there is nobody around, or turning on the signal when you turn when there is no traffic.

For example, in Western Australia, they adopted new stricter rules, which resulted in a drop in passing rates for first-time driver’s license applicants. And it is not cheap to take the assessment as the practical exam will cost around $90.

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Here are some of the top reasons why first-time learners fail the driver’s exam:

1. Unsafe maneuvering practices — When you go to the driving school, one of the things you learn is how to safely maneuver. You will be examined on your ability to reverse park, parallel park, parking close to the curb, and three-point turns, among others. When you forget to check for oncoming traffic or pedestrians before you start the step, it could result in a failed assessment.
2. Not checking the intersections — When you take the assessment test, you will be tested if you are practicing safety measures when approaching intersections. You need to slow down or make a full stop, for instance, check for traffic, turn your head to take a look, particularly for blind spots. In the same vein, you also need to know when to move at the right moment. When you go too early or too late, you might fail. While practice makes perfect, knowing that you are doing the right steps will give you a boost of self-confidence. That is what driving schools such as EzLicense will give you.
3. Wrong road position — Another common reason for failing the road test is road positioning. For instance, if you are driving too close to the curb or too far out toward the middle of the highway, or if you snake in and out recklessly between cars. For example, the road is wide enough; you can keep to the left, but stay a meter away from the curb. If the road is quite narrow, you need to keep the car to the center of the left hand side of the highway.
4. Failure to check road signs — While the assessor may overlook some of the minor mistakes during the driving assessment test, failing to check the regulatory signs can surely get you in trouble. For example, the speed restrictions, the stop signs, pedestrian crossing, end school zones, local traffic area, among others. For instance, what do you do when you encounter a sign that says, “Left Lane Must Turn Left” or “End 2P Area?”  What about those marks on the road? You will learn all these during the instruction phase taught by the driving school.

As already mentioned, being anxious during the driving assessment can lead to failing the test. You need to be confident about every maneuver, but you can only do so if you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills, which you will learn from the driving school.