Cocaine, or as known by its street names “crack”, “snow”, or coke, among others, is a potent stimulant that’s severely addictive. Beyond the initial “high” it offers users, it ultimately leads to a slew of other negative health impacts from headaches and mood instability, to damages to your liver, cardiovascular functions, and lungs.

Read on below to know more about how you can undergo treatment from coke addiction and answers to how long does crack stays in your system.

Drug addiction

How Long Cocaine Stays in Your System 

Factor 1: How Much of It You Use

The more often you use crack, and the higher the dose you take in, these will, over time, add up and will stay in your body much longer than those who’ve only tried using it for a few days. Weeks and months that lead up to years of being on crack will allow detection time to follow suit and increase as well.

Factor 2: How Much of It You Use at Every Given Time

Higher doses mean that your system will take a longer time absorbing and metabolizing coke. Cocaine metabolites will likely be more present in your body and will, therefore, linger for longer periods.

Factor 3: Your Over Health and That of Your Liver

Since the liver is responsible for sifting through and metabolizing drugs that go into your body, an unhealthy liver will mean that it isn’t able to function as well and as regularly as it should. If you’ve been a long-time drug user, this is likely to occur.

Your liver will have become weakened or worn from overworking to metabolize the high amounts of cocaine you take in. Once it’s at this point, crack will then stay on for lengthened timeframes as compared to someone who’s health and liver condition is still on the healthier side.

Factor 4: Alcohol Intake

Cocaine binds itself to alcohol much stronger than in other products that you ingest. As a result, alcohol drinkers who also use crack tend to have the latter stay on longer. It’s been said that spiking your fluid intake (preferably water) might alter this temporarily.

However, it’s important to note that although drinking water and other such DIY remedies are said to be effective in releasing cocaine from your body’s streams, in the scientific frame of things, there still isn’t a verified manner of doing so.

Addiction Treatment

The only way out of being drug-dependent is to stop its use. Only, this is easier said than done once your body has become addicted and dependent on it. Thus, seeking for medical assistance regarding treatment and rehabilitation will aid you in finally being able to rid yourself of drug abuse.

You’re not in this alone. And you shouldn’t have to be. Programs for treatment are meant to help change not only your cravings and dependence on opioids and other harmful drugs, but your behaviour and perspective towards them. Which, in reality, is where it all begins.