LED lights are becoming popular among youngsters. Many people use LED lights in their cars, motorcycles, and trucks. The LED lights are brighter and come with better light quality. These LED lights get less wear and tear.

If you want to upgrade your vehicles, you must install LED lights. These lights provide an appealing look to your vehicles. The following blog will discuss the ultimate buying guide for LED lights. Let’s start with a better understanding.


The design of LED lights matters when you go to buy. You can find LED lights for cars with different designs. But there are two major types of designs in the market: Reflector and Projector headlights.

Projector lights look like circles without the center filled in. If you want more visibility on the road, you should install the projector lights.

On the other hand, reflector lights come with darker spots and provide less brightness than projector lights.

Color and Brightness

As you know, the environment greatly impacts the colors of LED lights. Bright white LED lights look nice at night. Before knowing about the color and brightness of the light, you need to understand the following two terms:

● Color temperature and whiteness are measured in Kelvin.
● On the other hand, brightness is measured in Lumens. If Lumen is higher, light throws brighter light.

 LED Lights for Cars

HID lights were used before LED lights. But such HID lights don’t help drivers in foggy conditions. Because you need yellow light to cope with fog. Better headlights can lower the risks of accidents.

So, you must choose the light design according to the local atmosphere because many people use LED lights to get high brightness. Besides that, you can get LED lights in many colors.

Size of LED Lights

LED lights come in several sizes and shapes. But the standard size is 5mm LLD which is widely used. But there is no restriction on size. You should choose the size of LED lights according to your choice and vehicle. If you own a big car, you should choose lights bigger than 5mm. Remember, size refers to the outside diameter of the LED.

Components of Lights

LED lights don’t have moving components and come with a very simple structure. There are two types of LED headlights.

● Single beam for low beam
● Single beam for high beam

If you want clear vision on the road, you should opt for multiple single-beam lights. This way, you can even drive on foggy nights.


You can find LED lights at different prices. But it would help if you remembered inexpensive lights are substandard to some extent. You shouldn’t compromise quality over price. If you don’t get lights within our budget, you should look for a sale and another seller in the market. Besides that, pricing also changes according to the brands. If you opt for the reputed brand, you must pay more for LED lights.

Consider Legal Requirements

As you know, not all local governments allow the use of LED lights in vehicles. Because some people use lights ruthlessly, which annoys other drivers, any vehicle can get into accidents due to high beam lights.

Some companies manufacture vehicles with built-in LED lights and transport them to a particular geographical area which allows using LED cars. So, it would help if you didn’t mix this thing with other myths.

So, you should ask your local authorities before buying LED lights. If you buy it, you might lose your investment.

Consider Reviews of Sellers

If you’re going to buy online LED lights, you should read the reviews about the sellers. If the online seller has good reviews in bulk, you can buy from it. Remember one thing, many online sellers buy fake reviews. So, you should focus on the reviews.

To sum up, if you want to upgrade your vehicle and buy LED lights, this guide will greatly help you.