Warning: This article may contain spoilers for CW’s Stargirl.

Every good superhero needs a good supervillain, and Stargirl is no exception. Many of the villains were introduced, developed and even killed during Season One.

Stargirl‘s developer and author Geoff Johns used original Justice Society of America villains and created some new ones just for the comic, which came out in 1999. He did this to tie the show in with previous incarnations of the Stargirl theme. Here is a look at the most powerful villains of Season One.


Brainwave, played by Christopher James Baker, is one of the more powerful villains. His alter-ego is Dr. Henry King, a famous neurosurgeon.


He is the product of an abusive home that damaged him as a child. When he became a neurosurgeon, he struggled to be recognized by his fellow doctors. While experimenting with cognitive function, he decided to test his new formula on himself.


The character Brainwave is both telepathic and telekinetic. His other powers include manipulation, inflicting pain, wiping out memories and sensing other telepaths.

Dead or Alive

After spending most of the season in a coma, Brainwave fought Wildcat during the final battle in the season finale. This was a battle he would ultimately lose—along with his life.


Icicle, also known as Jordan Mahkent, is a businessman and founder of the American Dream. He became a villain after his wife’s death.


Not much is known about Icicle’s actual origins, but he is so heavily connected to his wife that he goes insane when she dies. His powers come from his father. After repeated exposure to cold, his father’s genes mutated. Icicle’s powers developed from this mutation.


As his name suggests, he has the power to control cold. Icicle can create ice shards, freeze things, and breathe ice breath.

Dead or Alive

Icicle is deceased. Mike Dugan, Stargirl’s stepbrother, killed him. Icicle uses his power to create a protective layer around his skin but is still vulnerable to direct hits.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy, played by a CGI computer, was once named Cyrus Gold. He has one of the stranger back stories.


Solomon was a wealthy businessman who was killed and later reanimated. Now he is a zombie-like creature who remains locked in a cell for most of his life.


In his zombie state, Solomon is super strong, very fast and extremely durable. This strength and near-invincibility come at the cost of his mental facilities. It is because of this that he isn’t very bright.

Dead or Alive

Although Grundy is alive, he was told to never come back. He leaves during the season finale, but there were strong hints that he will be back in Season Two.

The Dragon King

The Dragon King is not what he seems. Unfortunately, not much is known about this elusive villain. He creates master plans for world domination. Other than the obvious, not much about him is mentioned.

Superheroes need supervillains, and these three, aside from the Dragon King, are the most powerful enemies that Stargirl faces in Season one. Although two of them are deceased, there is always the possibility of resurrection in the next year.


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