Rosemary Wells, the writer of the animated series “Max and Ruby” filled our childhood with colors. She has written books under the same name, which are aired as series. There are two goofy rabbits in the season who appear to be siblings. These two rabbits filled your lounge with cuteness daily, airing on Nickelodeon.

Every child must have waited for them all day long to sing with them while they eat. They have such a good vibe attracting most of the children along with their parents.

But wait! Since curiosity is in the children’s genes, you must have started wondering where the parents of these creatures are.

Later it turned out that everyone was trying to solve the mystery after several memes circulated the internet.

Let us sort out all the queries regarding the whereabouts of their parents.

Max and Ruby Backstory

Ruby is seven years old and a little bossy, just like most sisters are, so no offense. She has OCD, and that is the reason for her sudden outrages.

On the other hand, Max is her petite, three years old brother who annoys her all the time. Max hasn’t spoken much in all of the five seasons. Most of the people have been linking his muteness to the death of his parents.

So how did max and ruby’s parents die?

Fans have given different hypotheses about the whereabouts of the parents. Some say that they have been killed by a wolf, like most of the rabbits. Others say that Max and Ruby’s parents died in a car crash. They might not be wrong that max and ruby parents died in car crash!

To the most, people have also stated that Max has killed the parents, and that is the reason why Max is mute. The dark allegation, no?

Some accusations were made against the grandma, where the explanation was given that she would want both of them to herself. But it didn’t reasonably contribute since she used to live in the home next door.

The Writer’s Explanation to the Whereabouts of Max and Ruby’s Parents

Max and Ruby

Anyways, when all of this surfaced on the internet and memes started blasting the writer’s Twitter, she finally responded.

After sixteen years and five seasons of curiosity, the writer said that the season is all about Max and Ruby. It is about how the little ones solve their own problems and tackle different situations.

It was quite an explanation, and everybody believed it since most animated series teach children to live life effectively. However when the last season, season six, was released, the parents were there in the last two episodes.

Fans have mixed feelings about it. They didn’t know whether they should be happy about it or feel sad. Whatever the case was, it was such a relief to know that no one was guilty.

Why Did Max and Ruby’s Parents Show up?

They must have shown the parents after all the opposing theories people had started pulling up. It was a show for children, and they are not ready for these types of dark stories and weird ideas.

Hence, children must have been happy seeing the parents of little rabbits as they become happy seeing their own parents (since they are too engaged in the animated series as if they are seeing themselves).

Final Verdict

It is overall an outstanding show that gives children a learning environment. After all the dark theories are ended, it is peaceful to let your child see the show.

So, when they ask you, “Mommy/daddy, where are their parents?” you will be able to answer them confidently, unlike your parents!