If you have never heard of Nonograms, they are grid-based puzzle games that are solved by coloring in squares in the grid according to the instructions given. Once you finish playing the game, you will end up with a picture. Nonograms are also popularly known as picture cross, Griddlers, cross numbers, or Hanjie. A Nonogram puzzle is not only fun and exciting, but it is addictive too.

It is their addictive nature that has made them very popular among many players. If you haven’t started playing nonogram, this is the perfect way to do so because these games will leave you feeling refreshed.

Here are some of the reasons that make Nonograms very addictive.

    1. Become better at Nonograms

While this may seem obvious, doing nonogram puzzles repeatedly will make you a better player. Like anything else, the more you do them, the more experience you will gather, and become a better player. When starting playing Nonograms, you will realize that they are easy to play at the initial stages. But as you progress into the game, you will find that they are becoming more challenging. But when you have gained more experience, you will be able to solve even more challenging levels.

  1. It can help you become better at solving puzzles

Continuously playing Nonograms not only makes you better at solving this particular type of puzzle game, but it can also make you become better at solving other types of puzzles or problems. You will be able to increase your skills and start recognizing different patterns as well as techniques.

Logic puzzles such as Nonograms require you to apply a proper and flexible method to solve the puzzle with confidence.

  1. They make you feel smart

One of the top reasons why Nonograms are preferred by many players is how they can make players smart.  Since a nonogram is a logic puzzle game, the feeling you get after playing it is absolutely thrilling. Each level makes you feel like an expert who has conquered levels that not everyone could. Of course, with constant practice and determination, anyone can solve a nonogram puzzle.

  1. They can relieve stress

When you fully focus on the game, you are more likely to forget about everything going around you that can make you feel stressed. Nonograms require your full concentration in order to finish playing it and end up with a picture.

By solving a nonogram puzzle, you get the same benefits as you get when meditating. Not only can that, solving a nonogram puzzle also enhances your creativity, quick decision-making, and logical thinking. You can replace your everyday stress with a sense of tranquility and belongingness.

  1. Playing a nonogram puzzle provides a sense of success

Solving a nonogram puzzle requires you to find the hidden picture in the puzzle. Once you finish the game and end up with a picture, you will feel elated. This sense of success can make you play the nonogram puzzle hours on end just to experience that sense of accomplishment.