When the consumer is new to Apple Music’s services, it usually offers its customers a trial period that’s three month’s worth. During the subscription’s limited lifetime, users can freely access any music, download them, and listen to it wherever you may be offline. Moreover, the service also offers other plans like the Family, Individual, and the Student plan.


Apple’s Apple Music service is famous amongst all users of Apple products. The service is a subscription-based application that allows users to download their favorite tracks or stream them live freely. The app offers millions of available songs all over the world. Regardless of whether the app is iOS-focused, it’s downloadable to any Android device in the play store.

Music Streaming at The Highest Quality

There are a couple of reasons why users terminate their subscription to Apple Music’s services. For example, you only want to use the free three-month trial period to download all the tracks. Or, you’re merely enjoying the service too much and forgot to pay for it. However, you’re left asking, ‘how am I going to save all of my downloaded tracks?.’

If you’re an average user of the service called Apple Music, you’re well aware of the consequences if ever you terminate your subscription or leave it unpaid. You’ll lose all your downloaded tracks and saved playlists instantly. However, you don’t have to worry anymore as there are a couple of ways to download apple music products to your desktop.

Risky Audio Files from Torrents

When music subscription platforms are not a huge deal for everyone, the bulk of the music files is downloaded from Torrents. Thanks to the availability of music streaming services, this alternative was not on the radar for some people, but it is not now out of style yet.

Audio files from Torrent’s pages can be downloaded fully, free of charge. Nonetheless, consumers must be vigilant because Torrents aren’t as secure as they are. These can have viruses or malware that can destroy your system unit. Remember to check all the files that you have downloaded and scan them with an antivirus program.

DRmare Apple Music Downloader

The DRmare Apple Music Downloader helps consumers download songs to their devices through Apple’s music streaming service. By removing the DRM protection of the files, the software made it fully possible to retrieve the audio files. However, users will need to buy the complete version of the software to use the maximum conversion capabilities.

The app can be accessed free of charge and is accessible on its official website. All Mac and Windows Platforms are compatible. The app boasts a quick processing rate of up to 30 times the average than the average app to save users time from large quantity downloads.

The Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder can also retain your Apple Music’s tracks. It is an easy software with excellent recording and editing capabilities for audio files. This method is a bit of a challenge, but the result is completed with great consistency.

Users can choose from various outputs of audio formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, and many more. You have to download the program and configure it to capture the system sounds of your device. Play all the songs you like, and in the application, press ‘Record’ to record what the system sound is playing.


It would help if you always kept in mind illegally downloading music or streaming remains controversially unlawful worldwide. But, if the tracks you acquired illegally are only for personal use, you’ll be fine.

Regardless, several music subscription services exist, but nothing boasts about high-quality standards like Apple Music. Yet, not everyone can have the money to keep the service running. However, this article would encourage you to freely download Apple Music’s files or to retain your already downloaded music when your subscription expires.